Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Love The Snow. Most of The Time.

We have had really crazy weather around here recently. We almost never have snow before Christmas, and the lowest temperatures get all winter are in the high 20's. The last week and a half have been an exception. We have reached lows of 7 degrees (that's -14 to you, Lia!) and have had snow and ice and wind for over a week. I love the snow, I think it is great. It has caused some problems getting the last of my Christmas stuff done, but that's OK. The kids have had a blast, I haven't gone into labor yet, and it's just so pretty.

Monday is garbage and recycling day. Our garbage guys come at about 4 am, so everything goes out the night before. Our driveway is a tenth of a mile, which really doesn't seem that long until you have to drag a garbage can and four recycling bins through six inches of snow. Then it's really freakin' far. Or I should say it seems so, but my hubby is a gentleman and does it for me.

The problem tonight was the back door. Our back door is metal with a metal frame. From what I understand, metal expands in the cold. Unfortunately the door expanded out and the frame expanded in, but we didn't know that until Marty had opened the door and then could not get it closed. We had just put the boys to bed, but of course they were not sleeping through all the banging of trying to slam the door. Marty tried forcing the door shut, we took a spatula to all the snow and ice that had gathered on the bottom, we cleaned off the porch of excess snow, Marty tried lifting the door since it was suddenly hanging lower than it should (I don't know if that is from the cold or from all the slamming, but we will blame the cold.) We tried almost everything. For thirty minutes. Thirty minutes of having the back door open, which probably cost us $75 in heat. Thirty minutes of scraping, slamming and banging, which must have caused enough friction to shrink it a little, we were able to get the door mostly closed but not all the way until I finally took a screwdriver to the door and re-adjusted the latch, which had expanded to the point it was keeping the door open. Meanwhile, the boys are squealing in their cribs since the whole house is shaking every time Marty tries slamming the door, and Emma is trying to 'help.' You know, since she knows everything.

Anywhoo, the back door is finally securely closed. The garbage and recycling are at the end of the driveway. The house is freezing, and I would give almost anything to have a glass of wine right now. The upside is, the kids are in bed, and I can just relax the rest of the night. Maybe tonight I'll dream of wine...

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Love my babes said...

Being married to the garbage man sure has it's perks. Donnie takes my garbage to the curb. However he doesn't like to take it to the can he says he dumps enough. I have door issues too.