Monday, January 12, 2009

Living on a Hope, a Prayer, and a 30 Minute Nap

We are moving in the right direction! Drew had a bit of a slow down on feeding during the night, but has picked it up again and has been at full feeds since 10:30 this morning. If this continues, he goes home tomorrow! WOO HOO!!!

We have been doing things a little differently today. Instead of requiring 75 ccs every three hours, we have just been letting him feed on demand, and making sure everything averages out to the right amount. He has been feeding every hour and a half to two hours, but getting enough in to make it work. It is great since this will be what he does at home, but I'm not getting that much sleep. Besides being up every hour and a half, the camping room I am in is next to the nurse's lounge, and they are kinda loud sometimes. Oh well, not like home will be much different, minus the cackling nurses at three am.

The nurses are truly fabulous. The nurse that has been taking care of little Drew is also the one who took care of the twins when they were in the nursery, so we have been having a good time. All the nursery nurses have been teasing me about my pink socks, this morning I had on the orange shirt but no socks, and when I explained why, they told me I would only get a shower if I wore the pink socks for the rest of the day. If this makes no sense at all, read the last post and you will get it. Anyway, I am clean, but in the pink socks. I have been getting some funny looks as I walk through the halls. I want to get a sign for my shirt that says, "My Husband Brought Me Clothes."

As far as I know, the kiddos are surviving life with Dad in charge. They went to Holly's last night so he could go to work today, but he did have them all weekend. I have resisted the urge to ask him if they ever got out of their jammies on Sunday, or if they went to Holly's in the same jammies they slept in Saturday night. I am trying not to ask if they have eaten any fruits or vegetables. I am thrilled with how wonderfully Marty has taken over care of the homefront, and he has done it without complaining. He is really doing a remarkable job, and is still smiling. I love that man.

I'm off for another nap, keep praying, and I hope to bring my boy home tomorrow!


Love my babes said...

Yeah for the good news! Hope tomorrow takes you and Drew home:o)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

I hope you get to go home and start some better rest! I know hospital "sleep" just doesn't quite cut it!

Snow Mommy said...

Aunty made sure to give them fruits and veggies......and they woulnd't eat my oatmeal raisin cookies! Seriously, I think our family is addicted to chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Still praying for your and Drew's continued progress and success. I'm glad they are averaging it out cause it's so hard to gauge with b'fd babies. :)
And that shows he's tryingn to UP your milk production.
I hope and pray the nurses pipe DOWN.
Try the pillow over the head trick and some ear plugs. Maybe you could get a shirt for that - "My hubby brought me ear plugs!" or maybe not.
Hoping you're home soon. ;)

JoEll said...

I am happy to hear that he is eating and that you have not had to worry about the other little ones. Marty seems to be a wonderful dad and I know that you are a wonderful mom so everything should be ok. One day in the same clothes will not kill them. I hope andrew gets to come home with you today that would be awesome for you guys