Sunday, January 11, 2009

Moving and Grooving!

Things I have learned today:

1. When going to the hospital to stay until your baby comes home, it is good to be optimistic. However, it is not good to be so optimistic that you only pack one change of clothes, or there is a chance you will spend a day in your jammies.

2. If you call your husband to bring more clothes, it is good to be very specific with him. Asking for your blue pants and a t-shirt and socks will get you blue pants, an orange t-shirt and bright pink socks. And he will do it on purpose, just to have fun, knowing you cannot get mad since you were the one who did not pack enough clothes to begin with. Then you will realize that the jammies look much better and they just might make another appearance.

3. "Camping rooms" for moms with babies in the special care nursery are smaller than prison cells, and painted about the same color.

4. Being nice to the nursing staff pays. When the rules say that camping moms do not have access to showers, but you have been nice to the nurses, they will let you shower in an empty labor room, making life much more lovely.

5. If the hospital lunch is turkey, and it is a perfect circle, find something else to eat.

6. It is sure nice to have a room to go and food to eat right here, no matter how small, cramped, and circular it all is.

OK, end of things I have learned, and update time. I met with a lactation consultant today who gave me some great tips for keeping Drew awake during feedings. The feeding I met with her Drew took 40 ccs of breastmilk, the one after that we tube fed him, but the next one he took 58 ccs, and was wanting to be fed again just two hours later. (He has been on an every three hour schedule, and usually still asleep at the start of the feed following nursing.) This is great improvement, if this continues we might get him home Tuesday!

He does have a bit of a stuffy nose right now, though. His respiration rate went up a little today and they did another x-ray but it looks good, still some fluid in his lungs, but the pneumothorax has not returned which is good. We are trying to keep his airway clear to help him breathe, since he must breathe through his nose to nurse, and being stuffed up makes it that much harder.

I gotta go feed again, I will try to update later! Thanks for the continued prayers, keep them coming!


Erin said...

John laughed harder at me reading your blog out loud than at the TV, especially the part about Marty "helping" with clothing. We're so glad to hear he's moving closer to coming home! Let me know if we can do anything. I'm in town 'til 7pm tomorrow, so give me a call if you need a cheeseburger delivered. :)

Love my babes said...

Tiff I can so relate. I went w/no clothes and had to have Donnie pack and my friend get me deodorant, soap, shampoo ect... I also hated to see Kolette in the hospital clothes so I had him get me jammies that would accomodate the leads and o2 monitor and the IV too. Memories are rushing back to me right now. We will keep on praying and I am so glad he is eating more.
Love ya!

Snow Mommy said...

Yes, he's Marty and will mess with you, but as least you got clothes. When my mother in law was in the hospital, she had to call me to buy her clothes, because Art couldn't figure it out.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

COMPLETELY random blog hopping, and what do I find?! Someone in the same situation that we just went through.

Yep, I lived in my jammies for a few days, and the pediatric nurses will never be the same after seeing me in all my sleep deprivation/no toiletries/hungry glory.

We lived at the hospital for a week, just got home a week ago. I'm glad your sweet baby is eating well, keep up the good work!

Will be praying...