Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Got To Hold My Baby!!!

Sorry it has been a while since I gave an update! Our county is experiencing major flooding, and the Wi-Fi signal at the hospital was pretty sketchy for a while. I am home right now, I was discharged last night but baby Drew is still in the Special Care Nursery. He is definitely doing better, he had another chest x-ray this morning which showed that the air pockets have almost completely disappeared, but that he still has fluid in his lungs that needs to dissipate. He has been taken off oxygen completely (yay!) and his levels are staying up, but his respiratory rate is still a little high. I got to hold him for the fist time again yesterday, but only briefly. Today however, Marty dropped me off at the hospital on his way to work and the nurses put a recliner in his little cubicle and I just sat and held him all day long. It was pure heaven. For the first hour or so I was a little restless, thinking that I was stuck in a cubicle for nine hours. Then, I realized that when I got this little boy home we would not have time to just sit and cuddle for hours on end, so I just enjoyed the time with my son. Nine hours of no chores hanging over my head, no other distractions, just time to bond, snuggle and nap together. I loved it!
I still have not been able to feed him since his respiratory rate is high, but we are hoping tomorrow we can start feeding him. He has been getting an IV and the nurses will insert an NG tube tonight to get him some nutrients until we can attempt a real feed. We are cautiously optimistic that we will have him home Sunday or so, as long as feeding goes well.
The other kids are doing alright with this whole thing. We got them from Holly tonight and took them home, they are thrilled to be here and I think Holly is thrilled to be getting her house back. Emma misses her baby brother and gets a little emotional when she talks about him, I printed her a picture of him and she has been carrying it with her everywhere. The twins are emotional, but I think that is just the long time away from home and the fact that we did not see them for four days. They seem to not have any idea about the baby, we will see how they react when Drew comes home.
I am headed back in tomorrow to spend the day at the hospital. Please continue to pray for his recovery, we want him home soon!
Happy Birthday, Holly!


Erin said...

What a wonderful blessing - 9 hours of cuddle time! We'll pray that he's home with your crew before the weekend's over.

JoEll said...

I am very happy that you got to hold him and spend time with him and that things are getting better. i will continue to pray for him and for you guys as a family. I hope to see him sometime soon. He is adorable just like your other three. Hang it there and things will get back to normal for you someday. What ever normal might be with a family of four under five. Wait you guys are turning into my mom and dad whom have six under five

Anonymous said...

Your area is having a BAD time ... I'll be praying for you and your baby and your children that are at home.
I love your p.s. - I should have been cleaning ... :) LOL! Well none of that for a while - just wiping up the kitchen counter ... :) God bless!

Lia said...

Bless you and baby Drew, thinking of you all, I so hope he gets to come home soon, cos thats so heart rendering leaving him at hospital, and your pic is beautiful, he sure looks so tiny! much love to you all Tiff. xx

Tracie said...

Tiff, I do believe that this may very well be one of my favorite posts on your blog to date!!!

I am so happy that you realized the opportunity for that very special bonding time yesterday. You and I both know that once released form the hospital, Andrew's life is going to be a whirlwind of activity for years to come!!!

Get plenty of rest while you can girl :-)


Amy Scheib said...

We are so glad that Baby Drew is doing so much better. We are praying for him and your family daily. We miss you all. Can't wait to meet him.

Love my babes said...

What a precious site to see you holding your precious son. It brings tears to my eyes the pure love between mother and son. He is beautiful! I am so happy to hear you got to hold him for such a long stretch. Will continue to pray for him to come home by Sunday. God can move mountains - He can do this too.
Love ya!!