Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Christmases!

We had two more Christmases today. (No, Brenda, I did not have the baby yet. Love You!) Anywhoo, we went over to Holly's for Stauffer Christmas with Marty's dad and step mom and family. Marty's dad really likes to pick out some toy for all the men to torture the women with every year, this year it was these shooters that you pump up and they shoot foam balls at others. I am so glad that Stauffer Christmas is always at Holly's, I would have a nervous breakdown if this kind of thing was at my house. Holly is very patient and understanding. She is wonderful like that. I am not very patient and understanding, so I think I would be yelling at them to knock it off. It's a lot more fun at Holly's house.

Anyway, everyone had a blast, no one lost and eye from the shooters, and I don't believe anything got broken. We headed home and my parents came over, we were planning on seeing them Christmas Day, but the snow stopped that. The kids were still pretty riled from Stauffer Christmas, so it was a little chaotic, but that's life. We had a great time, the kids really enjoy time playing with my parents. And we kind of like them, too!

Now, the kids are in bed, and I am so exhausted from the day and still not feeling well. I am not sure if I need to go to bed, or just cry a while. I am so ready to be done with crazy hormones! At least I know it will all be over soon. Less than 48 hours left of being pregnant. I know it will not be immediate that I start feeling like myself again, but at least I will be able to brush my teeth without throwing up. I can hardly wait!


The Campbell Family said...

I am so sorry you're still pregnant. Thanks for the "shout out" in your blog!! I hope baby comes tomorrow, I don't want you to have to go through being induced on Monday. I'll go do a 'labor' dance and say a prayer. I love you too!!

Anonymous said...

You know if you feel crappy I think its a "sign", maybe as I write this you'll be "pussing" Little man into the world!!! The day before I went into labour with Brooke I was so bad... moody, emotional.. you know the feeling!!! Any hoo, I know how much your gonna miss the heart burn and the vomiting!! Soooo I will fill you in on mine!!! LOL... I just want to be able to like the foods I enjoy again!!! Right now I can't stand any of the foods I normally love, And as a general food lover, its not good!!! Sending you loads of love, and good luck. Thnking of you L xx

Love my babes said...

I have been induced w/all my kids. I didn't mind it gets you what you want and in my case I get to control the enviornment of having my own doctor and his nurse and my fave l&d nurse. Hope you feel better soon!
Love ya!

Snow Mommy said...

Thanks for the compliment. I'm still cleaning up from yesterday! And my kids keep shooting me with the stupid air guns! I had to lock myself into the bathroom!