Sunday, January 4, 2009

One Last Day

This morning we decided to skip church and spend a final morning as a family of five. We brought the kids into bed with us when they woke, and snuggled and played and watched cartoons for two hours. I am being induced tomorrow, so tonight they are going to Holly's to spend the night. The next time they will wake up in their own beds, we will have their baby brother home, too.

I know things are going to change when this baby comes. Grant especially will have a hard time, when he wakes in the morning he likes to cuddle me and only me while he drinks his milk, he does not like Ben or Daddy too close during our time together. I sure hope this baby is content, or mornings are going to be filled with a lot of tears for a while. This is why we especially wanted to have this morning to spend together, and the kids had a great time. We now need to wash our bedding as it is filled with cereal crumbs and spilled milk, but that's OK. Some times, you just do what you have to do to make memories.

Today, my bestest friend and her family are coming over for our Christmas. I am looking forward to a day of relaxing, visiting, and letting the kids play. Tomorrow, everything changes. I feel like we are really closing a chapter in our lives, and I am a little nervous at what this new change will bring, but I know that it will be great. I just hope we get through the transition easily.

On more day as a mother of three. Ben's last day as the baby. I really think I am over thinking this. Gosh, I don't like induction. I'm cranky, I'm hormonal, and I'd much rather be surprised and not have a countdown, but I really don't want to continue to be pregnant for who knows how long. I'll get over it, and tomorrow, I will be a mother of four and everything is going to be fine.

I do not have a laptop, so I have not yet decided how I am going to post when the baby is born, but I will figure it out. Stay tuned, pictures should be coming soon!

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Love my babes said...

Call Holly and have her do it while you dictate to her over the phone and maybe Amy could take a pic in the hospital and load it at Hollys. No worries induction isn't bad, to me the idea of not knowing was just as scary since I hadn't done that. You are such a pro it will be a snap;o)
My prayers are with you!