Friday, January 30, 2009


Yesterday Emma was watching a show, and the title of the episode came up. she asked me what it said, and I told her. "Truman plays ball." Emma laughed and replied, "That kills me off, mom." I looked at her confused. "What?" "That kills me off!" I looked at her, puzzled for a minute, trying to think if she was actually saying what I thought she was. "Emma, did you say that kills you off?" "Yup." "Emma, what does that mean?"

Emma's reply? "That means I don't like stones."

In what parallel universe does that make sense at all?


Anonymous said...

I do have the interpretation of tongues - BUT I have NO idea what she's talking about ... but it was good for a laugh!
I so wish I had a blog when my kids were little! :( :)

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't you understand that Tiff? She explained perfectly clearly.