Thursday, January 1, 2009

Still Pregnant!

It is 2009, and I am still pregnant. I tried so hard yesterday, I actually did jumping jacks (painful) and squats (extremely difficult) to try to go into labor. Baby just isn't ready yet, so that's OK. We will wait patiently until he decides to show up. Or until Monday, when we will force him out. Which ever!

We had a blast last night for New Year's Eve. Holly's party was great, the kids got along really well and Marty only make a kid cry once. Really, it's a record. There was surprisingly little fighting and injuries between the kids, considering there were a lot of them hopped up on sugar and up past bedtime. It was pretty loud, but a happy, excited loud that just made it a great party. The kids watched the ball drop, and headed outside to pop poppers and celebrate.

We got home and had the kids in bed by 11, We kept telling Emma she stayed up till 2 o'clock in the morning east coast time. She asked, "Why do you keep saying east coast time?" I replied, "Well, it's New Year's, so that's just what you say!" She was fine with that. I wonder how many years we will get away with that one.

Marty and I watched a show until midnight. We actually almost missed the moment, I fell asleep on the couch (shocker, I know) and Marty was on the computer. He woke me saying, "It's 11:59! Change the channel!" I found the countdown with 15 seconds to go. We brought in the New Year with sparkling cider and I was asleep again before the fireworks finished on the Space Needle. Wow, we are getting old.

Today will be filled with fun times with the kids and getting the house as organized as possible. We had virgin mimosas for breakfast, and we have sparkling pink lemonade for later. I'm sure there will be football at some point (OK, at some large chunk) of the day, maybe I'll take a nap. Have a great and happy New Year's day!


Tracie said...

I am absolutely convinced that if you were to come over here and help me take care of the farm chores for the day, it would be time. And today would be great, since I am here to deliver that little guy if need be!!!

G :-)

~Jamie~ said...

Time to break out the spicy food, eh,
hope all goes well with your baby