Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boobies And Books

This morning, we were finally successful in the breastfeeding department! It has been a bit of a struggle since Drew has had a pacifier for five days but no feeding, he is a little confused going back and forth. Our feed this morning, he took in 20cc of breastmilk (we weigh him before and after to see how much he gets) and he needs about 70 right now to be considered a full feed. He must be up to full feeds for 24 hours before he can go home, but right now that is the only thing keeping him in the hospital. Horray!

I am headed back to the hospital this afternoon, and do not plan on returning home without my baby. Please keep praying, I know the prayers we have received have done huge things in this situation. The doctors have mentioned numerous times how they could not believe he did not act sicker, considering how his x-rays looked. He has had a wonderful recovery, and I know it is by the grace of God. I hope to be home tomorrow with Drew, but that will depend on if he can get up to full feeds this afternoon or evening.

Meanwhile, the older kids are continuing to enjoy being home with Daddy. The book tower chairs that were so popular yesterday have continued to be a hit today. Although Marty has been able to resist knocking them down, Ben has not. Emma kept building her book tower chair, oh-so-carefully sitting on it, and Ben would run up and with pure glee, knock the books out from under her and they would both tumble to the floor in a heap of giggles and books flying everywhere. They seem to be enjoying the game, but I am not sure how long the books are going to last that way. At least my kids like books!


The Campbell Family said...

Hmmm, guess that means Ben is EXACTLY like his daddy!!

Glad all is going well :) Will keep on praying!

Love you!

Love my babes said...

Yeah! for successful breastfeeding!! Praise God for the miracle of little Drew! I am so excited for you to take him home. Hallelujah!

TheOldestStudent said...

WOO-HOO! Way to go Andrew! Keep up the good work! (Tiff, you're not doing so bad yourself!)

Anonymous said...

I so GLAD you're able to breastfeed him - what a miracle ... most just don't bother. I hope he gets it and gets a full feeding - but it may or may not happen - I hope that doesn't deter you from continuing. I pray they let him go home anyway ... I'm sure you'll be doing really well with him. Enjoy your day and don't worry - we're all still praying for continued success. Halleluljah!