Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So Much For BonBons...

Well, my "day off" has been called off due to illness. Grant has been spending the morning pulling on his ear and screaming. It breaks my heart to hear, "Mommy, owie ears!" over and over again when there is nothing I can do about it. He has Tylenol in him, but that only does so much. We have an appointment at the doctor at 4:30, it will be my first venture out with all four kids by myself. I just hope to God that Marty does not have an appointment then and he will be able to join me, but I haven't gotten ahold of him yet so I don't know.

I had planned this as a true day off, so no, I have not showered and yes, I am still in my jammies. I will need to shower at the kids' naptime (no nap for me!) which will be interesting since Drew might be awake then and Grant might not sleep at all. I also have to figure out the logistics of the trip. I swear, my biggest challenge in life is logistics (wait, logistics or logistical? I have a headache.) Going into the office, if I put the twins in the stroller, they will be contained, but then I have to push a stroller and carry a carseat at the same time. I can put the carseat and one twin in the stroller, but then I have to push a stroller and keep track of the other twin and the four year old. Which will mean a harness on the loose twin for safety, and I am looking at a 20 minute excursion just getting from the van into the building. Add 25 minutes to drive to the doctor's, plus the 15 minutes it will take to load everyone up at home, this is an hour to get there which will mean Drew will need to eat as soon as we hit the doctor's office. I'm overwhelmed and I haven't even started yet! Oh, well, at least it will make for good blogging later!

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Anonymous said...

Wow - I can see by the following entry that most went well. Thank God. :) Catch some zzzz's when you can. Oh - this is why YOUNG people have babies. :)