Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Not Their Fault, But It's Stupid

I was told to call the hospital at five this morning to schedule the time for my induction. I stayed up till midnight, getting the final things done, and tossed and turned till four. I finally got up at four thirty and called, when I was told I would be penciled in at nine and they would call back at seven to confirm. I went back to bed and got a little more sleep, then got up and showered, but by seven thirty, they still had not called, so I called them back. I was told by the stupid people that they had gotten three women in since we had talked last, and that I might not be able to go in today. Stupid.

The kids are at Holly's, expecting their new baby today. Marty's dad and step mom have extended their trip till tomorrow so they can meet this little guy, and she is missing work to do so. Tracie spent the night here last night to make it easier for her to be there, and the entire family has re-arranged their schedules today, waiting for the little one to arrive. I had a rough day yesterday with all the build up to today, just to be told that they can't fit me in. I completely understand that the hospital cannot control how many people go into labor at a certain time, but I am still frustrated. I think I am going to go call my doctor and see if she can do anything about it. I'll let you all know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to read this blog Tiffani! Hopefully the women that came in this morning will make it quick so you can go in this afternoon!!! Good LUCK!!!
Love, Shari

Love my babes said...

What a bummer. Hope things just fly once you get in!
Love & Hugs!

Lia said...

AWWWWW, baby...I am feeling for you right now, what a total bummer!
keep us informed.