Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thurdays with Tiffani

I am not a naturally creative person. Oh, I can scrapbook, I can make cards and other creative type things, but usually I am copying someone else and making their idea more geared towards me. Basically, I have no original ideas of my own. This is another example of that. Tiffiny over at The Story Of Our Life has this great idea called Thursdays with Tiffiny, and I am going to plagiarize it. Cuz that's how I roll. Besides, it already has a great title, don't you think? I will have to swap a few letters around, but If I am going to rip off someone else's idea, it might as well be someone who shares my name! Show her some love and go visit her blog!

Alright, here's the All New Thursdays with Tiffani:

I am Thankful for...New batteries that make the bouncy seat and swing work again. It's no fun when they both die at the same time. For that matter, I am thankful for cool thingies like swings and bouncy seats that allow me to neglect- I mean, keep Drew happy while I do other things.

I'm listening to...The kids chasing each other around. Being enetrtained without adult involvement, and giggling and being each other's best friends. I wish I could bottle up the sound. I would get out the video camera, but I know it would spoil the magic. It is the greatest sound ever.

What I'm looking forward to...Bedtime. And being able to paint the living room.

What's for Dinner Tonight...This is where writing my post the night before to post in the morning really gets to me. I have no idea what is for dinner on Thursday since it is now just an hour after dinner on Wednesday. But we had a shepherd's pie with beef I cooked in the crockpot for ten hours yesterday with carrots and mashed potatoes with cheesy goodness melted all over it.

Missing....A nursing bra that has been missing for almost two months. Seriously. How do I lose a bra? I think I will find it in the secret stash that is Ben's, that probably also holds a sippy cup and about two pounds of cereal.

This was fun! Be sure to check out Tiffiny's blog and see the original Thursdays with Tiffiny!

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the story of my life... said...

You are to funny!! I was reading your comment last night...I think you should blog your comment!! It was so FUNNY!! and yet so true..

Great Job on Thursday's with Tiffiny!! HA!