Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Things I Have Learned Today:

1. Somewhere around here, Ben has found a magical place where he can secretly stash food and we will not know about it till he decides to bring it out again. Blueberries do not do well in a secret stash, and when Ben tries to bring them out, he does not like the feeling of rotten, smashed blueberry on his hands and he must show me, with big eyes and a surprised face, like "Mom! I cannot believe that my secret stash of food that you do not approve of does not stay good after who knows how long! Fix it!"

2. Furnaces have filters. When you neglect those filters your furnace does not work well at all. And you have a couple of rooms that are freezing, and a power bill that is over $300 for a month. If you clean those filters, they work a lot better, and you can actually heat your whole house.

3. The boys are getting old enough that when they are missing and quiet, it is not necessarily because they are getting in trouble. They might just be playing nicely in their room.

4. I know I will regret that last lesson.

5. Ben is now tall enough to reach the DVD player and VCR. He also thinks he can start his own movie by taking the DVD out of the case, shoving the DVD into the VCR, and trying to put the case in the DVD player by force.

6. There is a library owned movie behind the entertainment center. I have no idea how long it has been back there, and I cannot reach it. I am hoping that the money saved by cleaning the furnace will offset the library fine.

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Megan said...

oooh, i love finding the secret food stashes. I found a banana after Christmas that I thought was Rusty's dog bone, yum.