Monday, February 9, 2009

It's a Great Day!

I love the sun. I love springtime. I love anything that promises that nicer weather is coming, and that the flowers and trees will be blooming soon. I woke up today in a great mood. I got a decent amount of sleep last night, my head feels much better, and I can breathe out of both sides of my nose without feeling like I am breathing in little icicles that are tearing up my sinus passages.

I love waking up and opening the blinds to see sunshine. There is something about it, it puts me in a good mood. Yesterday, my wonderful mother-in-law came over to hold the baby and entertain the kids so I could get some stuff done. I was able to sweep and mop the kitchen and dining room, clean the dining table, including taking a toothpick to all the nasties that have accumulated in the ridges around the edge, and clean the base of the table, too. I vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned all the fingerprints off the TV. I went into the twins' room and re-organized, clearing out clothes that were too small and moving everything into another dresser so it is better organized. I was able to get a bookcase out of their room and make more space, and I moved the shelf into the living room, which created more organization there. Waking up this morning to see sun and a sunny reflection on the kitchen floor, cleanliness, and order made me smile. It's going to be a great day.

I decided to try a shower before naptime, so I could get more done at naptime. The boys were happy, I took Drew into the bathroom and left the others in my room with cereal. thoroughly enjoyed the hot water, nothing could spoil my mood now! I was showering, the house was clean, and the kids were behaving. Life is great. Just as I was shampooing my hair, Emma came into the bathroom. "Mom, Grant is choking Ben, and he stole his cereal and spilled it and won't pick it up." OK, spilled cereal is no biggie. "Emma, is Grant still choking him?" "Yeah, and he won't let go." I suddenly had a mental image of Grant, laughing holding a knitting needle and with glee, bursting my happy bubble with one joyous movement. "OK, Emma, separate them please. Do whatever you have to, OK?" I quickly got the shampoo out of the area of my eyes and went out to check, still soapy and dripping. Ben was crying, but was no longer being manhandled by his brother. There was cereal everywhere, being ground into the carpet, and Ben's front was covered in cereal crumbs, a testament to his abuse. I separated the boys, threatened them properly, consoled Ben, and went to finish my shower. This great day has been downgraded to good, but it can be brought back up again.

I discovered last night that Drew has thrush. This is very common among babies, and it is a yeast infection in the mouth. Get this, it can cause fussiness while eating. So he may not be sensitive to dairy after all! Whoopie! I called the doctor this morning, thinking we were going to have to bring him in, but there are benefits to having four kids. I talked to the nurse for a while and she decided to just call in the prescription for me, and I would not have to go in. Hooray for that! Bringing four kids to the doctor's office did not sound like a whole lot of fun. At least bringing all the kids to Safeway to pick up the prescription involves big carts with the car in the front that have enough seat belts to strap everyone in. And, I found the ad from last week that had the Safeway coupon for a $30 gift certificate with a new prescription! Great day redeemed!

I'm not sure if anything can spoil my mood now. I am headed off to get ready and take the kids to Safeway. I will be the one with four kids and a big 'ole grin!

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