Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Add A Little More Crazy...

Last night was wonderful. Well, after cleaning up the milk on the sofa and on Ben, and getting the kids off to bed. After that, it was pure bliss. Why, you ask? Because for the first time in who knows how long, Drew did not cry and fuss from 10pm to midnight. Holly was teasing me a little that I am so excited that my child had an infection, but I really am thrilled that we discovered it, and are on our way to fixing it which will make a huge difference in our lives. And- are you ready for this one? I had a huge glass of milk last night. That's right, I had dairy and he still had a great night!I am so thrilled by this, every time I have nursed before I have had to eliminate dairy for at leas the first seven months. No butter on your toast, no ranch salad dressing or creamy veggie dip, no butter, sour cream, or cheese in your mashed potatoes, nothing.

I seems almost like God has been saying, "I'm going to give you a surprise. But don't worry, he will be perfect. Compared to what you are used to, you won't even notice he is there." OK, that last part might be a little exaggeration, but I think God has a sense of humor, so He is giggling a little at the joke. The bad part is, it is making me think it would be no problem to have another baby. That lasts for about seven seconds, and then I smack myself for the thought, and remember that 1. my husband has no sperm, and 2. we would most definitely have twins or triplets if we tempted God. Oh, and 3. we would be so incredibly outnumbered it would not be funny. And we would need something bigger than a minivan. And I would need more than one washer and dryer. And we would need more than three bedrooms. And I would need padded walls and one of those cool jackets where I could hug myself all the time. And I might start drinking.

I am off to try and accomplish things today. Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

Just remember... vasectomy's are not always 100%... Might remind Marty to get tested every 6 months, then annually! :)
hee hee!