Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goin' On An Adventure

Adventurous exploration. Sounds so cool if you are four and two, right? Experiencing new things, poking things with sticks, and eating dirt. Perfect.

I decided to take the kids on an adventure yesterday. Yup, we walked to the mailbox. That's pretty much it. But it took almost an hour to get everyone ready, and the trek itself was a half-hour journey. Our driveway is pretty long, and our road has a speed limit of 50mph that no one obeys, so I was a little concerned about the kids being loose down at the end. I put the twins in their backpack harnesses with leashes and off we went.

Now I know that not everyone agrees with putting children on leashes like dogs. Frankly, I was never a fan either, but with two year old twins, safety comes first and I want the security to know that they will not dart after a squirrel and get hit by a car. You know, like a dog. I am not comparing my kids to dogs, but I am comparing their behavior at times to something similar to the behavior exhibited by members of the canine family. Chasing things, peeing on the floor, chewing books, they really are not that different if you think about it.

Anywhoo, we got bundled up and ready, Drew was in the front pack and the twins were wandering around, Emma was picking up rocks and we were having a blast. However, two little curious boys on leashes tend to get tangled a little when they are exploring. Kind of like, well, dogs. Maybe I should teach them to heel? We made it down to the mailbox, Emma put our letters in and put up the flag, and we headed home.

When we were far enough form the road, I unhooked the boys and let them run. We played red-light green-light and checked out the anthill in the neighbor's yard. We wandered to our pond, where the kids just stood looking for a good five minutes. I never thought my kids could be that still for that long. Impressive. We played in the yard until I was too hungry, and then we came in to have lunch and take a nap.

Today's adventure may or may not involve Costco, I haven't decided yet. Oh, and I realized that I completely forgot Not Me! Monday! yesterday, I'll have to make up for it next week. I gotta go put my roast in the crock-pot (thanks, Holly!)


Tracie said...

That 50 mph speed limit is rediculous! I drive through there at 60-65 mph all of the time!!! For crying out loud, it's a major thoroughfare!!!

On a different note, glad you all had a great adventure together....that is pretty cool. :-)


Snow Mommy said...

You are welcome!