Friday, February 27, 2009

On The Road To Skinny, I Took The Train.

It is a very sad realization that I am not in my twenties anymore. After Emma was born, I was back in my pre-pregnancy pants after six weeks, and lost all the weight plus ten pounds by six months. After the twins, I was back in my pre-pregnancy pants after six days. SIX DAYS! I am not saying this to brag, but to enlighten you all to the fact that you burn 1,000 calories a day nursing twins. Seriously.

Here I am, seven weeks after having Drew, and I am no where close to my pre-pregnancy pants. I put them on while back, and after stretching them out for about two hours, I was finally able to button them. Excited over the fact that they actually buttoned, but knowing they did not look good, I decided to show Marty anyway. "Look, honey, I got them to button! Isn't that cool!" My husband, who I love for his honesty, replied, "Wow, honey. Hey, I'm suddenly craving... muffins!"

Gotta love honesty.

Weight has never been a struggle for me, but it is starting to be a little bit harder to lose as I age. Of course, the four-kids-in-four-years thing probably doesn't help, but I am really wanting to get in shape to keep my heart healthy so I can live forever and torment my children. I mean, so I can live to see my great-grandchildren grow. Yeah, that's it!

This morning I saw that OnDemand had workouts from Jillian Michaels, the trainer from The Biggest Loser TV show. While laying in bed, snuggling my kids all warm and cozy under the covers, we watched part of a workout. But I didn't feel any skinnier. Strange.

Man, I would love to look like that. Anywhoo, the workout seemed pretty good and as I went about my morning, I could imagine Jillian yelling at me, "You think you can just watch a workout? I get people to lose hundreds of pounds and you are not even willing to get off your tail and try it?!? MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!" I gotta say, just having Jillian yell at me in my imagination was pretty good motivation.

After breakfast I decide to give it a try, if for no other reason but to get Imaginary Jillian to stop yelling at me. The boys and I cleaned up the toys that were strewn about the living room and we tried the workout. The twins thought it was great, they were right along side me marching in place and trying lunges and jumping jacks. It was really cute, but not the greatest as I kept tripping over them and knocking them to the ground. Drew just watched from his bouncy seat, and fell asleep.

We got through the warm up and about two minutes of the actual workout. Holy Canolies, Batman! I decided not to push it and render myself useless for the next couple of days, so I fast forwarded it to the cool dawn and stretching part, where I heard Jillian say, "This was not an easy workout, but you stuck to it and made it this far. Good for you, you should be really proud of yourself." Why yes, Jillian, I decided to work the muscle group in my finger fast-forwarding about twenty five minutes of the workout. I am very proud.
But I did the cool down, and let me tell you, I am feeling the burn. I think this might be the road to fitness for me, since I don't have to go to the gym or walk around the block (which is actually about five miles, since we live in the sticks.)

I am refusing to feel guilty about fast forwarding the workout, since I am only seven weeks post partum and I did it, after all. I want to be able to do the whole workout by the end of March. We will have to see if I can stick to it! Anyone want to join me?


the story of my life... said...

Are you NOT the wittiest person I know!!?? Muffins!? Seriously? That is funny!! and I want Jillians arms..oh, I ma dreaming..but I am joining you in the imagination part..I can hear her now..'Get your fat A** off that computer!"
Have a great weekend!

Tracie said...

Hi Tiff,

I want to join you! We can be motivation for each other. Let's start on Monday because I have family here for the weekend and we will be busy! Where do I go to get this workout? I have Dish, not Comcast. Can I still get it?
Love you, you sexy mama!!

Tracie said...

You get yourself a body like Jillian's........

Marty's going to drop over dead!!!

Hubba hubba!!! :-)


The Campbell Family said...

I don't want to scare you but once you actually do an entire workout of hers, you're going to waddle for 2 (or more)days like you did at 9 months pregnant. Matt and I both swear this to be the truth and NOT an exaggeration!

That being said, I LOVE her! And I love my Wii game. I'll start it again Monday and I'll feel the pain you feel!

Good luck!!

Love my babes said...

I'm w/Tracie where do you get her workout? I have Directv does it have it or do you have to buy it? My body is yelling at me NO don't do it but boy do I ever need it.
good for you 7 wks post Drew that is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiffani, Desperate here, though I would check out you r blog and we sound so much alike its not funny :) I'm an aussie so don't get much of Jillians stuff but do have a few of her DVD's. I have been to scared to even watch them, but know I too need to do something about my bakery :) Nothing to full on just yet but I will get there, my thoughts are with you - have fun :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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