Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cheese, Glorious Cheese, How I Will Miss Thee

I am one of those mother that refuse to cook two meals at dinner. I have much better things to do with my time than try to arrange a meal that the kid will like and a meal that the adults will appreciate, and have them done at the same time to please everyone. This has worked well for us, our kids like Thai food and steak, and a lot of other things that kids usually turn their noses up at. They will try almost anything, which I love. This weekend Emma wanted to try the green leafy top of the pineapple. So I let her. I think she can sense when I think she will not like something, and she feels she has to prove me wrong. Her response to the pineapple leaf? "I like it mom! It's very tasty. I think I will save the rest for later though." And she threw it in the garbage. This is the girl who wants to eat a shark and a lobster, and at eighteen months liked dipping lemon slices in ranch dressing and applesauce and eating them.

Unfortunately, my desire to cook one meal for all of us is about to change. Drew is showing signs similar to Emma and Grant did as babies that tell me that me eating dairy is upsetting his tummy. While I was nursing Emma, I could not eat dairy or citrus. Grant could not handle dairy or garlic, and Ben could not handle citrus or onions. I am not sure what is upsetting Drew, but I am going to cut it all out for the next couple of weeks and slowly try things to see what he reacts to. I started Monday, since I wanted to gorge myself over Superbowl and have one last food hurrah before severely limiting my tasty options. I am having a hard time remembering, though, what did I eat while limited to no dairy, citrus (or acidic things like tomatoes,) garlic or onion? Tuesday I made a huge batch of Pad Thai, and had the leftovers yesterday. Last night I made nachos for the rest of the family, and ate plain chips with salsa and refried beans. Boring! Later I ate more Pad Thai, just to get some protein. I eat a lot of fruit, and do enjoy a good stir-fry (but without garlic and onions, it's kind of bland) but I am running out of ideas. I love dairy, and I tend to add it to everything. I am also getting into the whole remembering everything that has dairy in it, and trying to remember what else caused the kids to react. Coconut milk didn't sit well with one of the kids, but was it like dairy? Or did what we ate with the coconut milk have lime juice in it, and was that it? Can I make a rue with oil and have it taste similar to butter? And how did I get calcium during this whole thing?

I think this should be easier by now. I had to do this for six months each time prior, so I have been on this diet for a year. Was it so bad that I just blocked it out completely? Or did I actually eat only meat, potatoes and rice? Anyone have any recipies to share?


Anonymous said...

Hey - this is my life right now. I would suggest that you get a nice calcium supplement - and that it's NOT a hard tablet - it needs to be a caplet or something like that. If you have a Super Supplement around - maybe they can help?

I don't do ANY dairy and eliminated butter just last week. I'm allergic to the protein in it. I did a blog entry about it. I have found ways around it.

Now I have "Rice Milk" with my b'fast cereal.
There's a great website out there - about milk protein allergies or if it's lactose - google that.

My diet is really weird as I don't have white flour or sugar in it - so you want to talk about restricted - UGH! Talk about the REST of your LIFE.

I've found goat's milk cheese to be a good substitute for lasagne. You'd have to experiment with that.

I do cheat here and there - but with pretty obnoxious results. Maybe talk to your dr. about something you can give him for milk sensitivities?? I know my daughter in law had something for my grandson.

I'll be praying for you ...

Anonymous said...

You can search my blog for "Milk" and get some results of what I written about it.

I get a case of rice milk from Costco for a song - compared to buyhing them separately. I started mixing it with milk at first. I can only drink it with malt in it and it's okay in cereal.