Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am such a dork. I have wanted to paint my living room since we moved in almost two years ago, and finally set aside Christmas money this year to do it. I have had a plan in mind for the longest time, have bought some of the paint, and have been informed of volunteer painters so we can have a painting party (thanks, Elizabeth!) I wanted my kitchen red, my living room navy blue, ant the dining room a nice tan. I have had the paint chips taped to the walls to show anyone who entered, cuz I'm a dork like that.

Last night Marty and I were watching the New Adventures of Old Christine, and I was looking at the paint in Christine's house. She has a pretty greenish turquoise with a nice almost peachy cream, and I started to change my mind. Cuz I'm a dork like that.

Now, I am back to square one on the painting thing. I have not bought the red or blue paint yet, thankfully, but I am going to make sure I am settled before I do. Could I be a bigger dork?


JoEll said...

i love my kitchen and I have the main wall is bright red and it makes it so much bigger. then i did vicotrian garnet around my bay windows in the living room with the white on the inside it is so nice to have color.I like the first choice the you have

Love my babes said...

My advice is think about what is your true favorite. I like your first choice as well. My living room/dining room are darker red w/beige and darker beige. My dining room ceiling is actually red it is coved. I LOVE it! my basement kitchen is the same red as Holly's bathroom w/white cabinets and it has an accent wall in Navy and I have the kids handprints at waist level and their footprints at the bottom in the shape of hearts w/a date. Food for thought. HOpe you have fun in your decision!

The Campbell Family said...

I'll send you a picture of a section of wall we tested colors on when we did the addition... It was wall that we ripped out so I made Matt save the sheetrock to hang in the garage! I always pick from the chip and hate the real color so I actually bought quarts and tested them this time. I refused to hate the wall colors. I'm partial to the darker colors too :) I hope you love whatever you decide!