Monday, February 23, 2009

Self-Confidence, Meet Cliff. Now Jump.

I am now seven weeks post-partum. This is the time that I am usually starting to feel better about myself, my waist has returned a little and well, nursing does good things to me. I feel like the little pooch of belly that is left is dwarfed by my massive buxoms, so it's all good. Yup, feeling pretty good about myself. Not into pre-pregnancy pants yet, but not stressing it.

Until yesterday. Yesterday was one of those deflating days where I no longer feel like I am doing well weight wise, but I am doing barely OK for someone who has four kids. There's always that catch, the 'for someone with four kids' justification that does not make me feel skinny at all.

But I digress.

Yesterday I was eating lunch with the kids, and Emma started laughing.

"Mommy, you have a big crumb on your chin."
I wiped with my napkin.
"Nope, Mommy, it's still there."
Wipe again.
"Mommy! It's still there, and it is big! You're messy."
Suddenly, it dawns on me. "Emma, that is not a crumb, that is a zit."
"Oh. Well, it's big."
Thanks a lot, kid.

(Ego deflates a little.)

Last night we went over to Holly's house for dinner. I am serving myself up when Lily, my five year old niece walks up to me.

"Auntie Tiff, do you have another baby in your belly?"
"No, Lily, I do not have a baby in my belly. But thank you for asking."
Lily rubs my belly a little. "I feel it, Auntie Tiff! I feel the baby."
Seriously?!? "No, Lily, there is no baby. That's just my belly."
"But I feel the baby in your belly." Clearly not believing me, Lily wanders off.

A little later, Lily walks up to me again. "Auntie Tiff? Is the new baby a boy or a girl?"

I gotta go do some sit-ups...


Stephanie @ said...

Sorry, but that was hilarious.

As a new mom, you cannot criticize yourself for at least 9 months. You have awhile to go ;-)

Try googling cellulite on celebrities. That always makes me feel better about myself.

Love my babes said...

I agree that is too funny. But really don't stress it will happen. You will lose it just chasing the twins around;o) Kolette told me I have a "really big bum!" Yea, that made me feel so good. Granted to her having big bum is a compliment but still... Gym here I come!!!

Lia said...

Still being pregnant suck too Tiff.... You know, I seem to have NOTHING to wear.... SERIOUSLY not a item... I'm fat, I've gained 50+lbs and still have 12 weeks to go, I am so huge, and not at all proud!!!! I should be, but I ain't! Bet you can see your feet!! LOL Oh I'm soooooo down!!! xxx