Monday, April 26, 2010


I have been thinking about a Not Me! Monday! post, but I just can't think of anything worthwhile to say. So I'll just ramble a bit.

Because my rambling is sooo much more worthwhile.

Anywhoo, welcome back! to all of my wonderful original followers! When I switched to, there was a glitch and my new posts didn't show up in your dashboards or Google Reader accounts. My brother was up for the weekend, and he fixed it for me. (Thanks, Jeff!) It really is handy to have a genius for a brother.

For those of you who were affected by the glitch, I'm sorry, and I hope you have a chance to go through the last month of posts and get caught up. Ans I'm sorry that the entire month showed up all at once in your lists, and no, I did not publish seventeen posts all at the same time.

OK, now that we have business squared away.

I am so stinking excited for summer. Last night, Marty and I cleaned out a couple of our flower beds, and I attacked the corner of the garden that has not had any love in a long time. I cannot wait to have a nice yard again, not just a big yard with weeds everywhere.

However, the sun is still not high enough in the sky to get any direct sunlight on our front lawn at all. I keep watching it, and it is getting higher, but still not there yet. I love our trees for the privacy part, but I can't stand the fact that we have no direct sunlight for nine months out of the year.

Well, I'm sorry this is so boring, but it's four o'clock and the boys just fell asleep. It's been a rough day. We are doing family pictures tonight, so I need to go throw on some make-up. (This is not just our family, it's Marty with his five siblings, their spouses and kids. So that's a wonderful group shot with twelve adults and eight children. Yeah.)

Have a great Monday, and I'll chat with you later!


TheOldestStudent said...

I LOVE how shady and cool your yard is!!!

Whitney Lee said...

Thank you for fixing it! I intend to go back and catch up when I get the chance.