Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Randomness

Why is it that a boy will pee immediately after being put in time out? It really doesn't matter what you do, I am sitting here writing this as Grant is in time-out beside me. He got in trouble for stepping on Ben while he was walking out of the bathroom. That's right, Grant had just gone on the potty, and within thirty seconds was sent to time out and peed there. I wonder if he holds just a little in on the toilet, "I'd better save some, just in case I end up in time-out!"

I finally got tired of dealing with it. I know he does it for the attention, and frankly, I'm really, really sick of pee, so I threw a towel at him and left him there.

Some may call that lazy. I prefer to call it creative problem solving by not giving the child he attention that he is craving.

That's good parenting right there.


We are having our first-of-this-year garage sale and family swap meet this weekend. I have been busily sorting, purging, pricing, boxing, and stacking tons of stuff to sell and get out of our house/shop. Hence, the no-blogging-for-two-days thing that I know you are all desperately saddened by. OK, maybe not, but I can pretend, right?

I finally gathered all the boxes and bags of the kids' toys that have been snuck out under the cover of night removed from the house and sorted through them. It's hard, I like to rotate the kids' toys but I never know what they will be into next. Do I keep the twelve Little People play sets that take up so much room, or do I purge them? Do I garage sale them or try to get more money on Craigslist? Do I clean them up to try to get more, or do I cut my losses and let them go as is? I usually end up overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning every piece and just put them back where they came from. They might be into Little People again, right?

And the plan of saving all the twins' toys for Drew have backfired, because my twins remember their toys, and are not even a little bit interested in the thought of finally seeing their stuff again after it had mysteriously disappeared (even though they never noticed they were gone), and them giving it up to their little brother without a fight.

I love my kids being so close in age, but I think they are too close to try the hand-me-down-toys trick.


We have discovered the one and only food that Drew does not like. Steamed artichokes are apparently not on his list of "things that taste good". Which is fine by me, I dislike sharing my artichokes.

However, chicken basil pizza with sun dried tomatoes and pesto sauce is apparently on the list of "things that Drew will scream like a banshee for if he does not have more and more and more right now".

Yes, I know my kids are weird.


I, Tiffani Stauffer, do solemnly promise to do my very best to blog tomorrow. I know the flak I'll get if I only blog two days out of seven, and I'm trying to do better. I sincerely hope there will be something interesting to write about that does NOT involve my getting peed on. You know, AGAIN.


Mama (Heidi) said...

I say bravo on the parenting moment.

My girls love some interesting foods too that I would never think they would demand.

CulyQFun said...

I am finding the same thing with the hand-me-down toys. Ellia is NOT okay with "my" toys coming out again and being given to sister.

Don't even get me started with her Crocks - that are too small for her feet but she still trys to wear.

Briana and Bella said...

Your posts involve more bodily fluid than any other and I just LOVE them!