Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Apparently if you buy an beautiful Easter dress for a five year old weeks before Easter, then tell that child that she just has to stare at the dress and cannot wear it until Easter morning, she will be so excited about her newly found dress freedom once Easter is over that she will wear the above mentioned dress for four days in a row.

Apparently there is a sweet, tenderhearted five year old in this house. And if you ask this little girl to throw away a sock that has a huge hole, she will be devastated. Even if the sock is not hers. And she will explain to you between loud, racking sobs, "I feel sad for the sock! Because it won't have a partner anymore!" And if you think the problem can be solved by explaining the fact that socks don't have feelings, and the process of what happens when things are thrown away, you are wrong. It will result in the sweet, tenderhearted five year old pleading to go to the landfill someday to visit the sock with a giant hole.

Apparently, laughing in this situation is the wrong thing to do.

Apparently, my love of spring and summertime things has led to a serious downturn in blogging. I seem to have neglected my zoo post, my Easter post, (both of which are in the works,) and a soccer post. I seem to be losing hours in the day. I can't help it, my kids are too much fun right now. It's hard to sit and blog when you have an adorable little face right up next to yours saying, "Mommy, up please!"

Apparently, Ben is still interested in occasionally potty training. He was in undies for most of the last two days.

Apparently, there is something about the time-out spot that makes a underwear-wearing boy pee instantly.

At least my entryway is spicky-span clean and completely sanitized right now.

Apparently, taking a shower with all four kids is still a great way to get yourself clean, bathe the kids, and make sure the house remains standing. However, relaxing while washing your hair, and marveling at the warmth of the perfect temperature water running over you is not as relaxing as you might think.

Especially when you realize that warmth is actually caused by a boy peeing on you.

Apparently I will never get away from all the pee.