Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Facts

Thankful for: I am thankful for my family's health. FINALLY, we are all healthy and happy and can go out in public together. WoooooHoooooo!!!!!!

Looking forward to: I am looking forward to spending time together outside, the sunshine that will eventually invade our yard, and I am really looking forward to our garage sale in a couple of weeks. We are seriously lacking in space. And money. But mostly space. Oh, OK, we also really need the money. It's going to be great!

What's for dinner tonight: Well, depending on how the doctor appointment goes this afternoon, something quick, or something out of the house. Oh, and why are we going to the doctor if everyone is healthy, you may ask?

Well, I'll tell you.

Because Ben may or may not have shoved something in his ear. This morning, he told me he did. It was "gweeawgwipts" and he found it because the lion brought them to him.

I have no idea.

All I know is that I was holding my phone when I was talking to him, and my wallpaper is a picture of a tiger. As soon as Grant saw it, he asked Ben if a lion brought it, and Ben said yes, and the story hasn't changed.

All signs point to a made-up story, right?

Well, the story hasn't changed at all, and he keeps rubbing the same ear. This is the same child who shoved a peanut up his nose, and those random-stuff-in-facial-orifice kids tend to be re-offenders. Since it's Friday, and I really don't want to battle the after-hours-weekend-special at the doctor's office, we are going in today.

Long story short, I have no idea what's for dinner.

Listening to: Kids playing together quietly and nicely. And yes, they are actually my kids. Crazy, huh?

Missing: I am missing my pile of garage sale stickers. Every garage sale, I buy new stickers, since I can't find my old ones. And right after I buy them, the old ones show up. So I probably have four boxes of stickers somewhere, but all the spots I thought I had put them are lacking in garage sale stickers. I'm refusing to buy more for a bit. Cuz I'm stubborn.

Wanting/needing: Some organization around here. It's getting bad. I'm really wanting to get rid of a bunch of stuff to de-clutter, and then try and organize what's left over. We need it badly.

Quote of the Week:
"Hey, honey, the bill came. Guess how much it costs to remove a peanut from a child's nose?"

Any guesses?

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DJan said...

Smart move, going to the doctor's in anticipation of the weekend. And hopefully there's no (what did he call it?) in there after all. You never fail to make me laugh, Tiff!