Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Facts

Thankful for: I'm thankful for my awesome group of girlfriends. It is amazing how we are all so very different, but we all get along well. I love that fact that everyone is willing to drop everything to support each other, and is there when we need each other. I love you girls!

Looking forward to: I honestly think the boys are getting close to potty-training-completion. We are getting there. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Listening to: Ben is talking to himself about cookies. Grant is talking to himself about granola. "I like dis anoooola!" Drew is trying to scale the giant box that came last night from The kids are in a bit of a growth spurt, I think, before nap time yesterday we had consumed two meals and four big snacks, and all they talk about is food. I bought enough groceries to last a week and they were gone in three days. These kids are constantly hungry!

Missing: I never did find my garage sale stickers. I bought some new ones, and promptly lost them. Knowing I had very little time to price stuff for the garage sale, I bought some more and immediately found the first set I bought, but I still haven't recovered my original stash.

Wanting/needing: A budget that allows about a thousand dollars a month for groceries to feed my starving children. No, they are not actually starving, but they sure act like it sometimes. Oh, and I need a pedicure. Last night at Girl's Night, it was noticed that I still have the same polish on my toes that I put on at our Girl's Weekend in January. Except it's just on my two big toes, it has grown out of the other ones. I think a spring pedicure is in order, don't you?

Quote of the Week: I was going through the bins of my old clothes for the garage sale, and getting rid of things that will never fit well again. I was lamenting about getting rid of these clothes, but just knowing that even if I do reach my goal weight, they just aren't going to look good (and, they will be six plus years old). The quote of the week came from my darling hubby, who said, "Well, sweetie, I think that when you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight after having four kids, you really should reward yourself by buying all new clothes." Isn't he the sweetest man?


Snow Mommy said...

Good job blogging that quote from your husband so that you can hold him to it!!

DJan said...

Yes, that pedicure is definitely needed, and a whole new wardrobe is massive incentive to lose that weight. How's the elliptical after almost a week?

TheOldestStudent said...

Wow... Marty said the right thing... I don't know how to respond to that... And let me know when you wanna get a pedicure, I'll go too!!