Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer vs. Fall

Reasons why Summer is best:

Summer is great! Really, do I need reasons? OK, well for the two of you that are not convinced, here is my list.

There are plenty of things to do outside to keep the kids from fighting occupied.

Open windows; clean, warm air; and sunshine are fabulous.

It's so much easier to leave the house without worrying about finding socks and coats, hats and gloves.

Shorts and t-shirts are smaller, so there is a lot less laundry.

Two-year-olds can put on their own sandals, but not their own socks and shoes.

With the invention of new spray-on-sunscreen, going outside is simple and quick.

The beach is a great place to thoroughly exhaust the kids explore.

Eighty degree weather is my favorite!

Spraying kids with a hose can provide hours of fun for parents who are frustrated with kids who are just not listening the kids.

Flowers and green things are pretty.

Barbecue. Need I say more?

Summer kids clothes are so cute!

Matching socks is a horrendously boring and time-consuming task, and should never be attempted by a family of six.

It is much more socially acceptable to go out in shorts, a tank top, with your hair pulled back and very little makeup. The look of "going outside to work out/play" fits in well with the "Mom lifestyle."

Fresh fruit and veggies are the best! There is a much larger variety of things to cook for dinner in the summer.

The grill. Oh, did I cover that when I said "Barbecue?" Well, I wanted to make sure you were listening.

I become a Football Widow in the fall. And I kinda like my hubby. And my evening computer time.

Fall leads to winter, and winter has January and February, my two least favorite months of the year.

Summer has July and August, two of my most favorite months of the year!

Longer days=happier me. Shorter days=grumpier me.

Reasons why Fall isn't soooooo bad...

Fall clothes hide more chub than summer clothes do. I mean... not that I need to hide anything... well... (cough)

The crispness in the air is wonderful to breathe in.

The changing leaves are gorgeous.

Halloween is so much fun!

The crock pot is my friend.

I've almost perfected my Chili recipe for the Chili cook off this year, and I'm ready to win!

Fall kids clothes are so cute.

You no longer have to mow the lawn and pull weeds. Unless, of course, you are like us never fully pulled weeds from summer, then you have a LOT of work to do.

Can't I have just one more week of eighty degree weather?


Tracie said...

You better work hard on your chili recipe. The 2nd annual chili cook-off and pumpkin carving contest is scheduled for Friday October 16th!!!!

DJan said...

Yes, being fairly new to the area, I am also lamenting watching the sun disappear in the mornings and evenings. But I don't have a house full of kids, so I look forward to the fall, if not to the winter. Where's all the rain I heard we get around here??

Snow Mommy said...

I agree, just a little bit more of warm weather before I put away my shorts.
I'm glad you are listening to me when I tell you that the crock pot is your friend.
What kind of chili are you making? I need to get working on mine!

CulyQFun said...

I do like summer, but Fall is the best as far as I'm concerned.
I am decorating with all my fall stuff this weekend.

The Campbell Family said...

I hate to admit it since I'm not a (public) crier- your post made me cry! I DON'T WANT SUMMER TO BE OVER YET. WWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH :(

TheOldestStudent said...

One more reason Fall is better than Summer... Me! I can be outside in the Fall, and I KNOW you want me around, right?... Right?... Tiff?...

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow...the chilli cook off...I totally forgot! Aaah boyy, I better get crack'n.
I agree with ya though, 1 or even 2more weeks of some 80 degrees would be just fab!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Why don't you like January and February? Kristen