Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How You Know You Shoulda Stayed In Bed....

1. When you are very groggy from you late night fight with your hubby the night before, where you both were so very tired and exhausted that neither of you made much sense, and both went to bed mad.

2. When you wake up in the morning and find that one of the blades to the ceiling fan has mysteriously broken off in the night and is laying on the floor. This should really serve as a very clear sign that the day is not going to go well, and you'd best go back to bed and stay there.

3. When you walk your daughter to the bus stop and realize that you've missed it for the second day in a row. Then have a nice chat with the neighbor and realize that even though the bus came at 9:07 for the first two weeks, it is now coming at 9:03.

4. When you drive your once-again devastated daughter to school, who is sad because she really really likes taking the bus and you had promised her that you would do your best not to miss the bus again. Yeah, lying to and disappointing your child would be a great sign that the day is shot and needs a do-over.

5. When you decide to try and make the day better, so you treat yourself to a large Sweet Tea at McD's, only to get the very large tea and drop it in your van and dump half the contents on top of the portable DVD player that is sitting between the front seats. You might pick it up to have a large volume of tea start pouring out of the speakers and the seams. Seriously should have stayed in bed.

6. You go home to put the DVD player in a container of rice to try and absorb the liquid, and head out again to finish your errands. It probably would have been a good idea to just go back to bed instead, but you spent all of yesterday going through each diaper bag to use the last of the diapers and wipes, because you are completely out of both sizes of diapers and have exactly four wipes left in the house. The repercussions of staying home far outweigh the risks of leaving again.

7. You finish your errands, head for home and- for the third time in a row- get off at the wrong exit. There might be a chance that you have lived at your house for two years, and should really know your freeway exit by now, but just hop off on the first one that says "Birch Bay" because you are a complete dork.

So how was your morning?


Snow Mommy said...

I'm sorry! Seriously, when it rains it pours!

Carmen O. said...

Oh Tiff! Sounds miserable. I did the diaper thing two days ago - but I only had one diaper left which I put on Katya and then put Claire in Collin's undies and told her not to go in the "big girl" pants. Yes - I'll be the mom who has a daughter wearing boys' briefs to school and thinks they're girls'. And I do the exit thingy too. I do that thing where I exit north instead of south, east instead of west. Last summer Vlad was -get this! - sitting in the bathtub with his computer, and the boys had turned the water jets all upward, and Vlad turned on the jacuzzi switch and he AND his computer got completely doused with water spraying everywhere. The computer died instantly, never to be recovered. Yes, he, the electrical engineer who calls his computer his "mistress." So don't feel bad - it happens to the best of us.

But the fan blade - that's just weird! :) lol

Hope your afternoon looks better than your morning!

DJan said...

Well, this may not mean anything to you, but Mercury is retrograde and will continue to be until Sept. 29. Just sayin' that maybe it's not all you but something in the air.

Anonymous said...

Oh really need to come Thursday!!!

Stephana said... that made me feel better!! Now, don't YOU feel better knowing that you made someone's day??? I agree with that anonymous person!!!