Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Now I have that song running through my head. And I bet you do to, thanks to me. Your welcome.

My darling Emma is off to Kindergarten again. Excited to climb those big steps of the school bus, not even looking back at her Momma and three brothers waving from the side of the road. (Sniff!)

Drew is now a mover. He is still an army crawler, but is quickly gaining speed and exploring the house. There's nothing quite like putting your not-really-mobile-yet baby in the middle of the living room, leaving for a minute and return to find he has left the room, gone down the hall and is licking the basin of the toilet.


The twins are in such an adorable stage! I overheard this conversation this morning, as they were sitting next to each other on the couch, reading a children's Bible:

Grant: See, dis da Art.
Ben: Boat, boaaaat?
Grant: No, not a boat, a Art!
Ben: Dis Ark?
Grant: No, das not de art, Das Jesus. DIS de Art.

OK, that's probably one of those cute kid conversations that only I and my family will appreciate, but I had to record it here.

And now I'm still on a spring cleaning kick. And like I said on Facebook, I like to consider myself to be six months EARLY. Even though I skipped spring cleaning entirely last spring. I am feeling great now that I am focusing on things that have been dragging me down for months.

Yesterday was our anniversary and we enjoyed a great day at home. I looked back on the calendar and we have not had a day where both of us were home and we were not going somewhere since spring. We really enjoyed the time to work together and accomplish things that have been put off, since it is hard to do things while supervising/teaching/shaping and molding the hearts and minds of four small children. Without letting them burn down the house.

Oh, and on a related note, many people have mentioned how young I looked on my wedding day. Yes, I did. In fact, that picture of me was one Amy used as her album cover of her portfolio for a while, but too many people actually thought I was a flower girl or a teenage bride. Just to clarify, I was twenty five when I got married. And I still look younger than my age, although not as much as I did then, the kids have aged me. I'm not complaining!

Have a great day!

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The Campbell Family said...

Lol that's ok, we look 12 in our wedding pics!!

Thanks for the song btw. You're not #1 on my list of favorite people today!!

I still love ya though!!