Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear Ben,

First of all, I'd like to say that you are a very kind and adventurous boy. Your love of life is amazing, and I love how you do things with reckless abandon. Although these qualities are hard on me as a parent now, they will no doubt serve you well later in life.

However, I'd like to address something that has been on my mind. During naptime today, I do understand that you were having a hard time getting to sleep. And I am aware that it was simply a matter of caring so very much about those around you that brought about your actions today, but I truly think this is something we should discuss.

You see, Grant was actually sleeping. I know that to you, being the tender age of two, may not know the difference between a child who is sleeping and a child who needs life-support, so it could be very easy to see why you thought he needed those sudden chest compressions. On a side note, I have no idea where you learned CPR, but your technique was pretty spot-on.

You may not understand this concept, but you both need sleep during the day. However, Grant needs naps more than you do. If he gets over-tired, well, lets just say his whine is so strong you could pour it and serve it with some great cheese he has a hard time controlling his emotions. And if he falls asleep, only to be woken moments later by the sudden burst of oxygen and blood traveling through his heart, he cannot go back to sleep.

Here's an idea. If you are supposed to be sleeping, and your brother is laying still with his eyes closed, how about you just assume that he actually is doing what he is supposed to and leave him alone? Is that a good idea? Yes, your persistence in making sure he stayed awake this afternoon was very admirable, but not necessarily well timed.

This is why you got the time-out in the bathtub.

I know, the bathtub is not really a traditional time out spot, but I needed someplace to put you that would not disturb anyone else around. Since we have six rooms and five people here, I was short on options. I know you would destroy explore the laundry room, so the bathroom was all that was left.

I really think we can come to an agreement here, don't you? We can discus this later, as I know you are (finally) sleeping as I write this. I can hear Grant in his bed, wide awake and kicking the wall. Tonight's birthday party ought to be a blast.

We'll chat soon.

Love you bunches,



Snow Mommy said...

LOL, bathtub.....ha ha ha.

Wendy said...

Too funny!!! I needed a good laugh and a reminder that I don't have it so bad ....... ie my youngest is four and potty trained ahhhhhhh!!!!

CulyQFun said...

Too funny!
Wow, never a dull moment in your house for sure.