Thursday, September 24, 2009

Plan of Attack

"Mommy, I'm going to go down the slide." Grant's little voice filled the air. He is so cute, talking so well, each word perfectly pronounced and deliberate. "I'm going to go down the slide first. And then BenjaBen is going to want to go down first, but he can't because I am going down first." He looks at me, head slightly dipped and staring at me under furrowed brows, because this is really serious, Mom. "And then BenjaBen is not going down first, and he will be frustrated."

Is it really appropriate to bust out laughing at your two-year-old's plan to intentionally tick off his two-year-old brother, just because you think it is adorable the way he says "frustrated"? Frustrated. Picture a little adorable boy, almost rolling each R with a few L's thrown in the sound. Frlr-us-trlr-ated. I wish I could get video on here, it's just too cute.

So Grant ran off, going down the slide first, looking over his shoulder at Ben, watching to see him get frustrated. And there was Ben, sweet, non-competitive Ben, bouncing on the bouncy bridge not caring a lick if Grant took all the turns on the slide or not.

I hope all twin sibling rivalry is this easy.

Don't worry, I already know better. But I can have a few minutes of my delusion, right? Please? K, thanks!

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