Monday, August 31, 2009

More Things Heard Around Here Lately:

Emma, after finally noticing that Grant is laying on the couch where she had been quite a bit earlier: "But, Grant took my spot on the couch! I didn't know I fell off the couch. I didn't know I was on the floor!"


Daddy: "Grant, do you want to go on more waterslides?"
Grant: "No."
Daddy: "Grant, we could go on the snake!"
Grant: "Yeah! The snake, snake snake!"
Then, at the top of the slide, "Daddy, this not a snake, this a waterslide!"
But he went on it anyway.


Grant: "Mommy, it's frinky outside."
Me: "Is it really freaky outside?"
Grant: "Yeah, and spooky."
Emma: "I'm super brave!"
Grant: "Spooky and frinky!"
Emma: "Try to scare me!"
Me: "Eat your lunch now, please."
Grant: "I'm taking long drink."
Ben: "Chair, chair?"
Emma: "You can't scare me because I'm so brave. I'm the bravest of all. You will never be able to scare me ever."
Drew: Baaaaaaaababadaglungh!
Grant: "Frinky frinky frinky."


Grant: "Daddy, I have a pee-nus."
Marty: "Yes, Grant, you have a pen1s."
Grant: "Sissy has a Ji-nah."
Marty: "Yup, girls have a vag1na."
Grant, looking at the cup of water in Marty's hand: "Daddy, cup no have a ji-nah."


Me: "Please don't lick the book."

Me: "Please don't lick my hand."

Me: "Please don't lick each other."

Me: "Do. Not. Lick. The baby."

Me: "Please don't lick the grocery cart."

Me: "Please don't lick my toes."

Me: "No, you may not lick your brother's eyeballs!"

Me: "Please don't lick whatever you are licking. Keep your tongue in your mouth!"

Have you ever noticed what a strange word lick is? Lick. LICK. Lick. Funny, huh?

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