Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Promises, Promises

So what do you get when you cross three small children, a baby who doesn't sleep, a couple of boxes of peaches that need canning, the first date night that we can remember in a year, four family members with high fevers, a Grandma in the ICU and a trip down south to visit friends?

Um, what you would get is... no time to blog. You might be stuck with Not Me! Monday! scripts swirling through your head, and you might be getting phone calls from family members oh-so-politely reminding you that a.) you haven't blogged in several days and b.) you still haven't posted pictures of the first day of school. Or the fair.

OK, so I'll get on that. But first, do you all remember this post? Where I wrote a nice letter to Mother Nature, asking oh-so-politely for some more summer? Well, I got my way. It's going to be a gorgeous week, and I will probably not be getting to pictures in the next few days. I will be filling myself and my children to the brim with as much vitamin D as we can get before the sun disappears until next March.

OK, I will promise to do at least one photo post this week. But I'm not telling which one. Or if it's even one I've been promising to do, or a new one. You will have to wait and see!

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