Friday, March 20, 2009

Is Van Halen Hiring?

We make up songs and sing all day. We sing for every occasion, and the kids (especially Emma) love it. She will sing to ask for a snack, to say I love you to her brothers, to describe what is out the window. My biggest fear is that the kids would pick up on me tone-deafness, but they seem to be fine so far.

Yesterday Emma and I were making up songs, and she is working on rhyming. We were singing to the tune of this song that I can't remember the name of:

This old man,
He played three,
He played knick-knack on my knee,
With a knick-knack paddy-whack give your dog a bone,
This old man came rolling home

Emma's version, as sung to Andrew:

I love you,
Baby Drew,
I'm glad you are out of Mommy's tummy, too
and you hurt her real bad when you came out of her bagina,
But that's OK, it is, it's true!

Wow. That is sure uplifting, don'cha think? Again, I'm looking forward to THAT parent-teacher conference...


the story of my life... said...

You are so funny!! I love your blog!!

we met at the Stauffers house...before you were married to Marty. I think at a Birthday party for Tarryn...

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

TOO Hilarious. I Luv children :)

Erin said...

I just made John pause the tv so I could sing Emma's song to him. Thanks for sharing!

Carmen O. said...

Omygod, Tiffany! How hilarious!
I'd just fall over laughing!

Anonymous said...

One word... Grammy.

Laurel said...

Hilarious!!! That girls got talent!

mama of 13