Thursday, March 5, 2009

Invasion Of The Computer Snatchers

I don't know what is happening to my computer. I have to admit, I am a computer-y illiterate. My brother is a genius(seriously, the guy built a computer from scratch when he was twelve) so I never learned anything about them. Maybe it was my way of trying not to do anything he did, or maybe I was still bitter that he got to be a cool Boyscout and they wouldn't let me in, all I got stuck with was the stupid girly stuff like darning socks and baking. Not that there was anything wrong with baking, but I wanted to tie knots and whittle sticks and go camping with a compass. I even got myself a Boyscout handbook to read and try my hand at knot-tying. I knew the Boyscout oath or pledge or whatever it was, I can't remember anymore. I really, really wanted to be a boyscout.

OK, way off subject.

Anywhoo, I got a pop-up on my computer that said my computer was compromised and is at risk. Marty said he saw something last week that said we had Trojan Horses. I tried to run my anti-virus software, but it would not open. That is not a good sign.

I tried un-installing it and re-installing it twice, but it would not do either. I kept getting error messages. I ended up installing another anti-virus software that did a scan and said my original anti-virus software was fake and a seious threat. I am in so much trouble.

I am so clueless, before today I thought spyware was the same thing as anti-virus software, but now I know spyware is bad. I spent today backing up the photos on my computer before the whole thing blows up on me. I got almost all of them copied until I ran out of CD's, but I got the most important stuff. Now whenever I type, the computer is so slow I have to stop every once in a while to let the letters on the screen catch up. Very reminiscent of our Commodore-64 days.

Jeff, don't read this part.

I think I should have listened to my brother a little more. But don't tell him I said that, OK?

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Stephanie @ said...

If I were you I would purchase Norton Anti-Virus. Those pop-ups that say you have a virus are just tricks to get you to download their software.