Friday, March 6, 2009

Looking On The Bright Side

I love waking up and walking out into the living room to see the sun streaming in the windows. It just fills me with joy and energy to have a super-fabulous-great-peachy-keen day. I really wanted to throw open the windows to allow the fresh air in, but the temps are still in the thirties, so that is not going to have the effect I want.

We had a good morning. I got in a shower before Marty headed off to work, but there was only enough hot water left for me to get the shampoo in my hair. I skipped the rest of the shower, rinsed all the bubbles out under a freezing shower, and tried to pretend I was in a waterfall in Hawaii. It didn't work.

Ben went pee on the potty this morning, hooray for Ben! The boys had some nakey time this morning between getting new diapers and getting dressed. Ben decided he needed to go pee again, so while standing in front of the TV, he undid his diaper and peed. Luckily, the diaper did not fall off, so the pee was all caught in the diaper and not all over the rug. I think the kid might be ready for more serious potty training. Which is good, if I can get away from having three kids in diapers, but I am not ready in the whole drop-everything-and-run department.

I bought a new shirt last week when I got my jeans. I was on clearance for six dollars, and it is really cute. I had been saving it for a week, and decided today was the day. When you stay at home with four kids, some things are very exciting and a new shirt is extremely cool. You don't want to waste the first New Shirt Day on any old day, it has to be special. With the sunshine and the shower this morning, this day was shaping up to be fabulous. Oh yeah, it's New Shirt Day.

I got everyone breakfast and sat down at the computer to nurse Drew and start my morning computer routine. Baby Drew must have liked the new shirt, too, since he spit up about an ounce of milk on it. An ounce doesn't sound like a lot, but it is. Still not convinced? Take a shot glass, fill it with sour milk, and dump it on the front of your shirt. There. Now you know.

Is it really bad that I am so excited about the new shirt that I just wiped it up and have not changed the shirt? As I type this, I realize how pathetic it really is. I am still not going to change my shirt, mind you, 'cuz it's New Shirt Day, but I am starting to think I need a life.


Snow Mommy said...

I understand new shirt day...spray some fabreeze on it and you're good.

Love my babes said...

I too understand new shirt day... I am sure you looked good esp when you get it at such a bargain. I always wait to wear a new shirt when it will be most enjoyed too:o)

Christa said...

About the potty training and the drop everything.....I am going through that right now!!!!! Like when we're in the car and Gabriel says I have to go .....It's a mad dash to find an establishment with a bathroom. Then I can never just go in and use the bathroom, so I feel obligated to buy something. And not to mention the skeeves one gets when using a public bathroom with your toddlers.....there is not enough toilet paper in the world to line the seat or antibacterial gel to ever make me feel comfortable about this whole new arena!!!!!!! Love the stories make me laugh! :)