Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ciao and Konnichiwa!

My goodness, what a week it has been. I know, I have been neglecting my blog, and I am sorry. I will try to catch up. I am all out of funny right now, so I apologize, but I knew I had better get something posted, since the "You haven't blogged in two days, are you OK?" phone calls have started. I actually have a lot to write, but not a lot of time. I have been choosing to spend my free time on other things, you know, like peeing and brushing my teeth. OK, that last one might have been a bit of a stretch.

Tuesday I registered Emma for kindergarten. My little girl, my firstborn, is going to school. I thought I was ready, I thought that it was going to be fine. She goes to preschool two full days a week as it is, so it wouldn't be much of an adjustment, right? But our kindergarten had five full days, and that is a lot of time to be gone from home. She has a great personality that I don't worry about her being picked on, per se, since she can stand up for herself and communicates very well. However, I don't want her to get her feelings hut, or to get lost in the school or miss the bus stop. I know, I am probably worrying too much, but I am her mom. That's my job.

She is thrilled, I took her to registration and we poked around the school a bit. "Mommy, there is a library in the school!" "Look, Mommy, there is a basketball court!" "Mommy, I smell food! There is food here!" Yeah, she is going to be fine.

Yesterday she went to Awana, and came home with a brand new purple bike. She sold the most Cows and Cookies ice cream sandwiches for the fundraiser in her Cubbies group, and is thrilled beyond all belief that she won this great bike. It is purple and pink and came with a new helmet and wrist and knee pads. The kids have been taking turns all morning, the boys look really great in their diapers and pink barbie knee and wrist pads and helmet with pink butterflies all over it. My manly men.

Baby Drew has been fussy lately, which is why the blog (and the laundry, dishes, and general housework) have been neglected lately. He had his two month checkup yesterday and got shots, so he is a little cranky on top of whatever has been ailing him for the last couple of days. He will not be set down, so I am holding him most of the time, and even then he cries a lot. I am thinking it is something I ate, I have been on an Italian kick lately. Goodbye, lasagna and hello, stir-fry!

Emma has had some blog worthy moments lately, so I will have to post them later. For now, I have to go, as the baby is fussing. And I haven't brushed my teeth in a while.


Tracie said...

You need help!!!


Tiff said...

Yes, but we have always known that... :)