Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Global Warming Is A Crock

I love daylight savings time. I am not a fan of winter when I use the dark as my cue to start cooking dinner. I love having the sun shining late, and to keep the lights off as much as possible. You know, cause I am cheap frugal concerned about the environment.

I especially love that the last couple of days have involved blue sky and streaming rays of golden sunshine through the trees in the evenings. Seeing the new growth on the trees and the plants, lit up by the sunshine, makes me want to throw the windows open and let in the warm, fresh air.
Except it was 19 degrees this morning. Not quite spring-like. Spring is officially here in a week and a half, but it is snowing. The last few years seem to have later and later snowfall, I wonder if we are going to slowly switch seasons and be like Australia, where Christmas is in the middle of summer. Then we will have to say "G'day, mate!" and eat vegemite sandwiches.

Speaking of spring coming soon, I feel the need to say that Holly is old. She is reeeeeally old. Really, really, really old. OK, she is only two months older than me, but this is the time between our birthdays where she is a whole year older. It is tradition for me to tell her that she is old, and since Holly is all about tradition, I have to share our little game (that is much more fun for me than her) with you all. Don'cha just love tradition? Love you, Holly!

I just learned that if you press enter while you are typing your title, the whole thing will post. I apologize for all the mis-spellings and stuff that makes no sense, I am editing it as we speak.

I have about a third of my living room painted. I decided on a color called Almond Oil and it is a pretty beige with almost a peachy tint. But I am not very good with colors, so I might not be describing it well. I have been putting the kids down and painting from ten PM to midnight, but now that is is so incredibly cold, the rest will have to wait a bit till I can open my windows without causing icicles in my kids' drool as they sleep. I will also paint a couple of walls red, but there will be no blue on the walls. The house is just too small for that many colors. I will post pictures another day.

OK, now I think I am done editing the post that went out way too early. I know there is a way to remove the post from my blog, but once it posts, all my followers get a notice that there is a new post and then there will be nothing there. I was planning on scheduling this one for Wednesday morning, so I have to come up with another idea for tomorrow. I'm sure with the day we have had today, inspiration will strike soon.

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Snow Mommy said...

Thanks, thanks alot. Your birthday will be here soon, and you will be old!