Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Facts

We are sick. Again.

I called the doctor yesterday as the three boys all had green goopies coming out of the corners of their eyes. The doctor's office told me to pick the two sickest, that's all they had time for.


Drew has croup again, and a double ear infection. Again. Grant has one ear infection again. All three have eye infections. I have something cold/flu-ish again, and Marty started feeling nasty again this morning. Emma is healthy as a horse. I swear, that girl has the immunity of Superman.

Wow, again is sure a strange word. You don't really realize it till you type it out so many times. Again again again. Hmm.

Thankful for: Doctors who understand life with four kids. The doctor yesterday was awesome, and prescribed Grant's eye medicine for twice as long as was necessary so I could treat Ben with it, too, even though he wasn't seen yesterday. Thank you Lord!

Looking forward to: When we are all healthy again. And daylight savings time starts this weekend, which makes me so very happy!! Spring is here! Yay for sunshine! :)

What's for dinner tonight: I have no clue. NyQuil and a nap sounds good.

Listening to: Relative quiet. The twins have been is time-outs for long enough periods of time this morning, including many trips back to their rooms and out again to practice coming when I call them the first time, I think they are a little cautious of ticking me off again.

Missing: My brain, and our family's health.

Wanting/needing: Sleep, chicken soup, and "bappa dooce" like my Daddy makes. He always made me apple juice when I was sick, and now it never tastes the same as it does when my Daddy makes it.

Quote of the Week:
This seems to be turning into the conversation of the week. Oh, well!
Earlier this week, I was changing Ben into jammies, and we had a nice chat.

Me: "Ben, you are a blessing to me. I thank God for you."

Ben: "Yup. God loves me." He's so certain, so sure. That's the definition of faith like a child. He knows God loves him because he knows.

Me: "You're right, buddy, God loves you sooo much."

Ben: "God doesn't love no one."

Me: I had to think about that for a minute. "Yes, there isn't anyone that God does not love. He loves everyone, huh?"

Ben: "Yup." And then he said something else that was sweet, but by the time I went to wrote this conversation down, I couldn't remember what it was.

Ben: "God likes to sit in a little chair."

Me: "Yes, God sits in a throne, right? Do you know it's really, really big?"

Ben: "Yup. And God plays horsies game. And he plays hide-and-seek with me."

Grant: Wanting in on the conversation: "God and me have a race!"

Ben: "God reaches toys, cuz He's big."

Grant: "God is gonna be cranky."

Ben: "Mommy, you can't get the TV, but God can. He big enough."

Grant: "God is gonna be Cranky and I gonna be Lightning McQueen." Oh, I get it now. Cranky is the name of the crane in the Thomas the Train books.

Ben: Not yet coming to the same realization, "God is not cranky!" Good job, buddy! You tell him!

Grant: Ignoring Ben, "God can jump way way way way way up in sky!"

And then they started jumping, and ran off to play a jumping game, leaving me with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.

Friday Facts was created by Tiffiny, who went in this morning for her fourth back surgery. She lives with a great deal of pain every day, and the doctors are hoping this surgery will relieve her of some, if not all of the pain. Would you pray for her today?


TheOldestStudent said...

Emma's immune system is down to the fact that she spent 3 years of her life in daycare/preschool. She got exposed to EVERYTHING, so now NOTHING will bother her very often.

DJan said...

You are blessed beyond what most people EVER experience in life, Tiff. I'm glad I get to peek into your life through your blog. What great kids!