Thursday, March 4, 2010


Most parents of small children dream of adventure. However, when it comes, it is not always exactly wrapped up the way we were hoping.

I got a phone call from my husband yesterday. Remember, he is an insurance agent. "So, sweetie," he said, "you know how I love to meet people who do not like their insurance, and write them with an awesome new policy and save the day? Do you think I should write the guy who just rear-ended me?" Haha. Very funny.

Marty's OK, and the car is fine. There is a little scratch on the bumper, but nothing worth taking the time and hassle for fixing. No, he didn't offer to quote the guy's insurance. He's sarcastic, not stupid. Most of the time.

At snack time, I was excited to offer the kids a special treat, the trail mix they had been asking for for weeks. It was the typical M&M's, peanuts, raisins and almond mix that most parents know their kids will pick out the candy and leave the rest. After lots of promises that they would in fact eat it all, I bought it for them.

Do you think they ate it all? Or do you think they ate the M&M's and the raisins, leaving the peanuts and almonds? (Hint: it was the second one!) Typical.

Oh, and Ben must have been looking for a way to get out of eating his peanuts, because he found some interesting hiding places.

"Hey, Ben, where'd you put the peanut?"

"Up dere!"
Yup. Here's my son, at the doctor's office, with a peanut up his nose. My favorite part of this whole experience was my dear friend Brenda's Facebook comment: "Is that his secret stash? Did you check there for anything else that's missing?!?!" Funny, funny. But actually, not a bad idea...

The doctor couldn't see him last night, so we went in first thing this morning. After a total of three hours including a trip across town to see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist, the peanut was successfully removed and Ben is fine. I took pictures on the beginning, but forgot about them as time drug on and on. My hubby was wonderful taking time out of his day to sit in the car with the three other kids. Have I mentioned that car DVD players are the greatest inventions ever? Well, they are.

And last night, I learned a valuable lesson. Well, Ben did as well. His lesson was, if you run away from Grandpa in the parking lot, you will get yelled at by both Grandpa and Mommy. My lesson was, if you teach your kids to stop when you say "red light", they might not stop when someone else yells "stop". It is important to teach them "stop!" as well. Because you are not always the one they run away from.

Sigh. I'm just glad that Grandpa didn't have a heart attack when Ben was happily playing the running away game in the dark last night.

Well, I was looking for adventure. This was not what I had in mind. I'll have to be more specific next time, I think....


The Campbell Family said...

Glad I could help lighten the mood!!! And gladder (I can make up words all I want!) that the peanut has been extracted!!

CulyQFun said...

Oh my gosh, I feel your pain on the peanut up the nose!
Becareful he may try it again soon.

DJan said...

Glad to know Ben is all right! I haven't been on FB lately and missed the drama. Ouch!