Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This was created by MckMama, head on over to her blog to see what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week! (Although, MckMama is in Kenya this week, so she might not be there for Not Me! Monday! But go there anyway to see about her adventures in the slums of Kenya.)

I have NOT been itching for spring. The lovely weather around here is NOT driving me crazy, I am NOT trying to change something, ANYTHING. I have NOT been painting and cleaning things in order to spruce them up and make me feel better.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to my hubby that I wanted to re-arrange the living room. Our house is small, and I thought a new layout would open it up and make it feel bigger. Since Marty couldn't visualize what I was talking about, he wasn't to keen on the idea. And I do NOT know why Marty couldn't visualize it, since I did NOT describe my vision by saying something like, "Well, I want this couch here, and this one here. The TV might go here, kinda like this, if it will fit, but I'm not sure. And I don't know where I'm putting the desk. There just isn't a place for it." I mean, that's perfectly clear, right? Men. Sheesh.

I did NOT get tired of my husband's lack of understanding of the fact that I would figure it out as I went, and it wouldn't kill him to change it seventeen times till I got it the way I wanted. I did NOT decide to re-arrange the living room myself. Nope, NOT me! I would NEVER take on the task of moving furniture around without a man to help me out, and with three small boys underfoot. I did NOT intentionally do this on Friday, knowing he had had a long week and if he didn't like it, he wouldn't be willing to do the work to put it all back right away and it might grow on him. I would NEVER plan something so sneaky as that!

My darling husband did NOT come home on Friday night to find a TV in the middle of the living room floor, since it is a lot easier to lift a TV out of an entertainment center than back in. I would NEVER leave a TV sitting in the middle of the floor all day, just because it is too big and heavy for me to lift solo. Oh, and the reason it is too big and heavy to lift is DEFINITELY because we have a huge super-cool big-screen TV, NOT because it is an old big-backside TV that weighs a hundred pounds but isn't a big screen. (And because we are so technologically with it, we do NOT also have an 8-track player or a record player. We are cool!)

Once the TV was put back into place, my husband did NOT absolutely love the new layout. NOPE, I am NOT a rockstar-room-rearranger and a maker-upper-of-new-bloggy-words!

Along the way, I did NOT take all the little piles of clutter in the entry/living room/dining room/kitchen, and pile it all on the kitchen counter in order to have a nice clutter free rest of the house. I would NEVER have clutter in my home, and would NEVER just move it around instead of putting it all away right then and there.

I am NOT seriously considering having friends over this weekend in order to give myself a deadline to get the house clean.

We went to the Home show this weekend. It is NOT such a small town here that my husband basically knew almost everyone there. And since some of his "peeps" read the blog, I did not meet a few people and have them say something along the lines of, "Oh, here's the family! Which one stuck the peanut up their nose?"


What did you NOT do this week?


So Who Is The Crayon Wrangler? said...

I have NEVER done the room-rearranger thing solo either. I also do NOT own a big butted TV that was easier to lift down than up.

Great post!

DJan said...

Glad it all turned out for the best, after all. And I love the fact that your blog is now the first thing people might know about you, before they meet you. (That would be people like me!) You know I have enjoyed knowing you and your family virtually. I feel practically like a member of the cyberfamily!

The Campbell Family said...

Lol, someone was stopping by tonight so I took the ENTIRE stack(s) of papers off the kitchen counter and put them in my bedroom. Now I have the same mess, just down the hall!! I'm glad I'm not alone in just moving the clutter around instead of dealing with it!!