Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lame Excuses

I know.

I am completely slacking in the blogging department.

Trust me, I have gotten the phone calls.

But you see, I have been trying. Really. We went to the zoo on Friday and I have been diligently working on the pictures for three days. I just keep getting interrupted by things/children/poop. There's nothing quite like taking a three year old to go poop on the toilet, and upon taking off his diaper, realizing that he has already pooped in it. And realizing this as the poop falls out of the diaper and lands on your foot.


But soon I will return to my former blogging glory (let's just pretend for a minute that I had blogging glory in the first place, OK? It'll sure make me feel better!) and there will be some quality posts coming soon.

Or, maybe just some more talk of poop.

It's really hard to tell.

(Guess what? I just hit spell check and no misspellings were found! That has happened exactly three times in my entire blogging career. It's really cool! OK, I know I'm lame. )

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