Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Making Your Own Laundry Soap-Update!

In July, I wrote a post about making my own laundry soap. I just ran out of that batch, and wanting to give you all an update. If you want to see the original post, go HERE.

One batch cost approximately four dollars. It lasted our family of six four months. That's a cost of one dollar a month. Affordable? I certainly hope so!

We used to use Tide from Costco, and a Costco sized box lasted not quite six weeks at a cost of $25. That's about $220 a year in laundry detergent, giving us a savings of over two hundred dollars a year. Now I feel like being in a commercial and asking, what can you do with two hundred extra dollars? I know what we did!

Yeah, we bought diapers. Total let down, huh?

The homemade soap is great. We all have really sensitive skin, I would break out on the tops of my legs on occasion with the Tide (and just about everything else I tried,) and that has completely gone away now. Our clothes are just as clean, and smell great, but not strong or perfume-y. I have noticed that some of our whites are a tiny bit dull, but I never bleach anything and I think the lack of color-safe bleach and other chemicals is slightly noticeable in the dishrags and my hubby's softball socks. T-shirts and dress shirts are the same, it's just the whites that get nasty, don't brighten up quite as much. I got some Oxy-Clean to add to the occasional white load, and that is working well, and I'm so glad to be rid of those nasty chemicals close to our skin.

I highly recommend this. If you want the recipe, go HERE. Feel free to ask questions, I'd love to help!


DJan said...

What a concept! Making your own laundry soap when you use so much of it. Great job. Myself, I use so little that I don't think it would be worth it. But I'll check out the recipe, just so I can think how it might be to make your own...

The Campbell Family said...

I need a powder version for an HE washer... happen to have that recipe laying around?!?!