Wednesday, December 2, 2009

To Do: 1. Find More Chocolate

I actually completed my to-do list yesterday. And by completed, I mean I wrote everything down that I need to do. Oh, you thought I meant I accomplished everything on the list? Ha! You don't know me very well....

I am starting to stress out a little at everything there is to do. I don't stress out easily, but I realized that the twins' birthday is six days before Christmas, and Drew's is twelve days after, so I have a lot of birthday-related things to do along with the usual Christmas things. Add to that the recent, ummm, renovations the kids have done to the house lately, and I have a lot on my plate.

And what kind of renovations, you ask? Well, nothing major, just some things that obviously needed improvement. I mean, really, who doesn't think this curtain rod is much better when shaped like this?
And obviously, the kitchen island needed to be cleaned behind this panel. Maybe Ben was looking for a new place to stash stuff?
And then there's the bathroom wall. The towel rack was shaped just like a trapeze, so no matter what Mom said, it was just asking to be swung from, no?
Now I know what you are thinking. "Wow, Tiff, that wallpaper is so modern and pretty! It's just your style, too. Wherever can I get some just like it?" I have bad news, guys. That's not wallpaper, the wallboard itself is actually printed with that pattern. And I think it was discontinued in 1989. I know, your jealousy is just oozing out at the thought that repairing this hole (and it's mate, a couple of feet over,) is going to require painting the entire bathroom. Which really isn't such a bad thing, considering how ugly pretty this pattern is.

Except for the fact that printed wallboard is not mudded or sanded, meaning you can easily see the seams and staple marks in the wall. Which is why the wonderful manufacturers of our home probably tried to hide it all with really busy, loud wallpaper printed wallboard, so that you would be so blinded by the walls that you wouldn't look close enough. Kind of like Las Vegas.
And what else is happening in our house while I try to accomplish the things on my list? Well, yesterday while I was attempting to make dinner, Drew was attacked and mauled by his oldest brother. Grant's weapon of choice? Drew's own bottle. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Soooo not fighting fair.

I'm off to finish scrubbing down the twins' room. I personally like my Dad's idea of throwing in a gallon of bleach and pressure washing the whole thing, but unfortunately, I don't have a pressure washer. Dangit.

I'll put this out to all of you as well, any guesses as to how many poop smears I will find in strange places in the twins' room? I know this is the worst contest ever, but my life revolves around poop and fixing broken things that shouldn't be broken, and I'm desperate for entertainment curious what you think. Whoever gets the closest gets, well, nothing. I'm broke, you know. But you will get the distinct honor of winning my pathetic contest. Who's in?


CulyQFun said...

I'll say at least 4 places.

Wow, I just want you to know that I am very jealous of that wall paper ;o)

Good luck friend!!

shelly said...

I'm going with 9. Don't know why.

DJan said...

Tiff, you're sick, you know that, right? I've got the feeling that you have finally cracked up. I vote for 15 and will probably win... :-)

TheOldestStudent said...

It's definitely 5

Snow Mommy said...

7 Good luck!