Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Things Said Around Here Lately:

I have realized that I update my Facebook often with things that are said around here, but you lovely blog readers who are not my Facebook friends don't always have the chance to hear them. So here are a few, with a few previously un-posted tidbits for everyone's amusement.

"Mommy, I not squishing baby Drew! I pushing baby Drew on the ground."

"Yes, I know that you love splashing in puddles. However, peeing on the hardwood floor and then jumping in it is not a good indoor substitute."

"No, buddy, you are not poopy. That's just a wedgie."

"Ben, why are you sitting on the diaper bag? Get off, please. What? You peed on the diaper bag?!? Why the diaper bag and not the potty?!?"

"No, Ben, you may not try to change your own poopy diaper at nap time. Yes, I know, you like to 'do it all by myself" but that's not OK." (This one, although it sounds bad, really didn't turn out as poorly as you might think. Yes, poop was smeared across the fronts of several of the dresser drawers, but Ben then peed on them to wash the poop off, so it's all good.)

"This too shall pass, this too shall pass..."

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