Friday, December 4, 2009

Ben's Secret Stash, Revealed! (Kind of)

I'm in a feisty mood today. Which can be good, or very, very detrimental to the quality of my blog. You decide.
Apparently some people get kind of riled up at contests, even when the prize is nothing. My dear bloggy friend DJan seemed a bit miffed at the outcome yesterday, and fake-yelled at me. By the way, I love her blog. Her life is so very different from mine, and I truly enjoy reading about her weekly hikes and jumping out of airplanes. Have I mentioned she's in her sixties? Pay her a visit HERE. Wait, not yet! Finish reading this first, then go pay her a visit, OK?
DJan said...

I've been RIPPED OFF! I know you saw "dirt" instead of "poop" Ms Tiff. I think you have just violated the Interstices of the Universe law. Ben knows what I'm talking about, just ask him. :-)

Just ask him, you say? OK!

And here's how that went:

Me: Hey, Ben, when I cleaned your room yesterday, did I find dirt or was there poop?

Ben: No dirt in my room.

Me: Was it poop?

Ben: No, no poop.

Me: Is your room clean?

Ben: Yeah! (And you have to picture this one in Ben's little voice. More like Yeeeee-aaaaaah!)

Me: My bloggy friend, DJan, thinks there was poop.

Ben: (Very matter of fact) No.

Me: Ben, do you have a portal to an alternate universe?

Ben: (long pause) I no have a verse.

Grant: I have a verse! Lightning McQueen have a verse.

Me: What's Lightning McQueen's verse?

Grant: Lightning McQueen's berse is... he have a dragon.

Ben: (Holding up a purple penguin toy) My berse has a pwengwin!

Me: Ben, where is your Secret Stash?

Ben: (silence)

Me: Ben, where do you hide things?

Ben: In the hiding shelf! (Seriously? Why have I never asked him this before?)

Me: Show me!

Ben: (takes me by the hand and leads me to the front door) Open it! (I open the door and Ben points out)

Me: You hide things out there?

Ben: Yeah!

Me: Show me!

Ben: No, there a monster out there! (He then backs up, shuts the door and walks away.)

Well there you have it. Ben's Secret Stash and the portal to the alternate universe is in an area that Ben can't get to on his own, and is being guarded by a monster. I wonder if the monster still has my shoe, or if he ate it...


DJan said...

Bwahahaha! Ben, that was a good cover-up, since moms are not allowed into alternate universes. If they were, we would never see them again. :-)

Snow Mommy said... never asked him before? I love his answer!

Anonymous said...
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