Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Family Christmas Photo

We had our family pictures taken recently, in the hopes that I might actually get a Christmas card out this year. As always, we used the fabulous Amy Parsons who is incredibly talented and wonderful. You can find her website HERE.

I chose an indoor setting, since it was raining and I never found time to do them in the fall I wanted to show off the lovely colors of my living room. And getting six people to all look the same direction and smile is a piece of cake, right?

Yeah, right. Emma realized quickly that the cat was not in the picture, which was a must for her. "He's a part of our family!" Well, the cat was thrilled at the idea. Just thrilled.

We got several family shots, and then we moved on to the adorableness of kids' feet. There's just something about kids' toes that I love!

I really wanted a picture of the twins together, and I told Amy to keep snapping to catch the not-so-perfect moments. This is what I will remember from our kids' childhood, these moments of their personalities coming through.

I love this shot, it's perfect!
And it was quickly followed up by choking. Cuz, you know, they can't be well mannered for too long!
I don't know where they got the whole choking thing, I mean, where do kids these days learn these things?
Emma wanted a shot with her favorite baby in the world.
And then the princess posed for her solo shoot.
We actually remembered to take a picture of the two of us together. We usually forget, and don't really have a good one. Until now! Ignore the flash on the table, that's something that usually gets removed post-production, and this is an un-edited copy of this shot. I didn't want to ask my darling sister to edit a bunch of pictures right before Christmas just for my blog. Sorry, sis!
My little mini-me.
And of course, the traditional throw-the-child-upside-down shot.
We did get some good photos out of the day, I personally LOVE this one and am planning on framing it on the wall. Drew cracks me up!
And are you ready?

Are you sure?

Well, here it is, folks. The finalized copy of the Stauffer family Christmas card photo!

Only one person was photoshopped and had their head switched from another photo. It's perfect!

Thank you, Amy Parsons, for doing such a great job! I'm going to call you soon at 360-961-7143, or maybe I'll e-mail you at for all my photography needs. (And you should, too!)


Stephana said...

HOLY COW MARTY IS WEARING JEANS!!!! I love them all, & Tiff you look FANTABULOUS!!!!!!

Marty said...

Wow, that is one good looking family! It must be the jeans, er, genes.

TheOldestStudent said...

Those are great! I love Drew's expression in all of his, so cute/hilarious! Your family is too stinking photogenic!

CulyQFun said...

Love them all!!

DJan said...

Yes, these pictures are fabulous. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the one where Drew is sticking his tongue out, but oh my, what a family. You are one lucky person, Tiff. And those kids are lucky too, don't forget!

Snow Mommy said...

Love the pictures! We are pretty lucky and blessed to have a talented photographer in the family!!

Wendy Whitlow said...

Hey Tiff...EVEN though I can never get you to come over to my blog and post....Do I sound like I'm sulking? Lol.

Hey sweetie...seriously...I guess if I had a good family to at such as yours...I might generate more views eh? You all look simply amazing. I LOVE the foot shot too. So precious. Just day those adorable toes (with the exception of Emma's) are going to be big hairy - scary things before you know. You're going to look at them hanging off the bed and say...Did those boys come out of me!?! Hahaha.

Yes Marty...nice "genes" Y'all did well...and great photography too.

Love ya...


Wendy Whitlow said...

OMG...I just re-read my post. It's that dumb ADD brain of mine. My thoughts get ahead of my typing or something. I meant to say...

If I had good looking people to look at on my blog...I might generate the "looks" you get! Sound better? I'm still jet-lagged from being on your time zone. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Hehehe

Anonymous said...

=) Looks like tons of fun...what a great photographer you have! ;)