Thursday, December 10, 2009

Giving Our Inner-Teenager a Good Laugh

The kids' nativity set has been unpacked, and is currently being played with.

Some of you might remember this post from last year, where we had our first taste of crazy things parents say around Christmas.

And that has continued.

"Please do not throw baby Jesus at your brother."

"Stop licking baby Jesus!"

The kids also have a bunch of the Little People play sets, complete with the dolls people. The boys especially love these, and carry the people around with them.

We allow the boys to each take a small toy to bed with them. This gives us some leverage to keep them on the right track- they get one warning, and the second time they get out of bed/yell/kick the walls/pee on something, they get their toy taken away. They have to go to bed without a fuss the next bedtime, and then they can earn their toy back.

Ben loves bringing his person to bed with him. He has one favorite, but loves them all. He calls them his girls. In typical Ben fashion, they aren't girls, though, they are grills. And no, it doesn't matter if the person is male or female. It's still a "grill."

"Ben, come to bed now. Which girl are you going to sleep with tonight?"

We have snickered at the implication, and tried to work on our wording.

"Come on, Ben, it's bedtime. I need you to choose your toy. You must pick a girl now. Buddy, it doesn't really matter, take one girl to bed tonight, and you can have the other one tomorrow, OK?"

Yeah, notsomuch.

"Buddy, I'm sorry you cannot find your favorite girl to sleep with. Just pick another one."

Our kids' future therapists are going to make a killing.


Anonymous said...

Your right, I would quit saving for college and just start saving for therapy. ~Kristen

The Campbell Family said...


When I sprained my ankle the male nurse that wheeled me back in the ER had a whole line of patients so he parked me and said he'd be right back. We kept hearing him say to another nurse "I need to get back and get that lady in bed"....

CulyQFun said...

That is great!!!
We have that nativity set as well. My little ponies & other little people keep finding their way into the stable with baby Jesus.

DJan said...

When you have to wheedle them to get the girl into the bed and they aren't even in school yet, well... this doesn't look good, Tiff. I'm thinking the therapist will have a field day!