Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Resolutions Update

Last year I made some New year's resolutions. I had completely forgotten about them until last week when I was looking for the twins' second birthday post, and I ran across the Resolutions post. I was pleased to go back and read it and see that I had accomplished quite a bit on the list.

Here were my goals for 2009:

1. I resolve to hold it together enough to not be institutionalized this year. That's the only shred of sanity I am trying to keep. The rest is going to be long gone, and I am OK with that.

I'm still here, and crazy as ever. Resolution number one: check!

2. I resolve to get into my pre-pregnancy clothes at some point. Not the ones before Emma, or even the ones before the twins, but just those that I was wearing at this time last year. Oh, and not just get into them, they have to button all the way and not look completely ridiculous.

I'll have to pull out some more, but I recently bought some size ten jeans and they were a tad big. I am within ten pounds of the weight I was when I got married (although the shape has changed a bit). I'm going to say Resolution number two: check!

3. I resolve to NOT resolve to not get pregnant. (Confusing, but think about it for a minute. Get it? OK!) I am certainly not planning on getting pregnant, which is why Marty had his vasectomy, but I am not going to play chicken with God again. He always wins.

OK, since this wasn't really a resolution, I can't really check it off. But I'm not pregnant (woohoo!) so pseudo-check!

4. I resolve to try and become a little more organized this year. I will never be like Martha Stewart, nor would I want to be, but being able to find both shoes when I want to leave the house would be nice. However, with all these shoe-stealing children running around, I might be a few years away from that goal. We will have to see.

Still not Martha- check! But I am definitely more organized than this point last year. We introduced into our family our fabulous shoe shelf, which has been great. Not to say that shoes never disappear (ahem, Ben and my tennis shoe that has been gone for months) but they are usually together and usually easily accessible. Number four-check!

5. I resolve to finish the boys' room. I have one more wall to paint, and the hanging light needs to be put up, and a few more details need to be done to pull it all together. I better be able to finish it in a year!

Ummm... Well... hmmmm. OK, I did almost finish the painting. And I did hang the light, which was the number one thing I wanted to do. The curtains were finished, and it's organized. But is it finished? No. I only painted as far as you can see behind the shelves instead of finishing the job. And there are no decorations at all. Bare walls and very little furniture, which is probably a good thing since decor and furniture would be excellent choices for my high-flying-circus-twins to practice their craft and kill themselves. However, I still want to do more in their room, so number five does not get a check.

Hey, four out of five isn't bad! I'll take it! Now to work on my resolutions for next year...


DJan said...

Tiff, you get a Mom's Gold Star, because I think you can count these as 4.5 out of 5. So this year's resolutions must be your next post, huh? Looking forward to them!

J said...

Pat on the back! Happy new year!