Thursday, December 17, 2009

Emma's blog

Emma has decided that she wants to be the Mommy today. So far, she has changed the twins' diapers, and has picked out their clothes and is trying to dress them. (I'm not complaining about this game. Hey, anything to get out of changing diapers!) Because she is the Mommy, she also gets to blog today. 'Cause that's Mommy's job.

Me: "Alright, Emma what would you like to say?"

Emma: "Uuuuum, we're coloring today. Aaaaahhhh, what does that say? ( I read what is here) no, erase that! (I keep typing) Oh, Mom, no thank you! Please don't do that! No! Don't! Please rerase all of that!"

Me: (I pretend to erase the paragraph, but I copy it first, so I can add it back in later. Cause I'm mean like that.)

Emma: "Does it still say we're coloring today?"

Me: (typing) "OK got it. What else?"

Emma: "Ok, you got we're coloring today. I'm sharing stickers with my brothers, Grant and Ben. I like to share stickers with my brothers, and I like to color with them."

Me: "Got it. Would you like to tell a funny story?"

Emma: "Yeah! Write a funny story."

Me: "No, this is your blog. You get to tell the story."

Emma: "Um, well, then no. Write, And baby Drew is cute and I like baby Drew. And I like my Mommy and Daddy. And I like to watch shows."

Me: "Great! Would you like to tell a joke?"

Emma: "Nope. But I like when it snows. That's the end!"

It's bound to be an interesting day....


Kymberly Janelle said...

Love it!
Her debut as a Guest Blogger ;)

DJan said...

She's got talent, gets it from her mommy. It really won't be long before she is blogging for real...