Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Facts

Alright, I'm just squeezing in under the wire on this one! It's technically still Friday where I live, so we can so this!

I'm thankful for: So very much right now. I was sent an e-mail that had a video of kids that had to go down a rickety zip line to go to school every day. Go HERE to see the video, I don't know how to put video on my blog, sorry! But after seeing that, I feel so very blessed to live the life of true monetary luxury that I do. I may not have a lot compared to most Americans, but I am incredibly wealthy compared to millions of people in the world.

Listening to: Nothing. And it's beautiful.

Looking forward to: This weekend is going to be great! Filled with Christmas lights and experiences, I cannot wait to see the expressions on my children's faces when they see everything there is to see this weekend. Childhood rocks.

I am needing or wanting: A day free of pee. That's about it!

Missing: Well, after Ben's admission to the location of his Secret Stash that is guarded by a monster, I am still missing my tennis shoe. Oh, and I somehow lost a box of baby clothes that had all the cutest stuff in it, it had the twins' matching and co-ordinating outfits and I loved them. Poor Drew is missing out on a lot of adorable clothes, and I'm afraid I am going to have to buy him some, which is pretty ridiculous, if you ask me.

Quote of the Week: OK, I'm probably not supposed to blog this. However, my hubby says that sometimes, it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission, so I'm going with that. Now, remember as you are reading this that we joke around a lot. We truly have fun with each other, so don't take this event the wrong way, OK?

Earlier this week, he was washing dishes and slapped my bum with a wet hand. Now, I hate being slapped with a wet hand, the wetness stays in your jeans and makes you feel wet and cold for a long time. I have told him this before, but he wasn't in a listening mood, I guess. I explained to him yet again that I didn't like being wet, he responded with something sarcastic, like, "Who doesn't like to be wet?" For some reason, he did not notice that I was drinking a big glass of water.

So I threw the glass of water on him. Makes sense, don'cha think?

Anyway, he was not to pleased with my reaction, (although I have no idea why not,) and made several wonderful comments, one being, "I kinda wish my wife would drink more. Then she would think I was funny instead of throwing water at me."

Good point there. You know there would be no way I would waste wine...


DJan said...

Well! I guess Hubby doesn't know you as well as he thought he did, huh? That's a pretty funny story, but I would say turnabout is fair play. I myself would have stuck my hands in ice water and then slipped them down inside his jeans. Not that I've done anything like that, it just came to me when I read the story... :-)

Snow Mommy said...

The last time I threw a cup of water at Marty, he threw me in the lake. I guess he's just nicer to you.

The Campbell Family said...

That's too funny, I'd have done the same thing to Matt. Although I think Matt would have expected it!!!! And as yours was, it would have been meant with LOVE!!!!

Anonymous said...
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